School Start Time Essay

The annoying alarm clock pulsates through my head yet again. It is 7 A. M. on another miserable Monday morning. All I want to do is catapult my alarm across the room, roll over, and fall back into a deep, satisfying slumber. This is a prevalent feeling among many of my peers who agonize about their morning routine as well. School should definitely start at a later hour than it currently does for many different reasons. For instance, teenagers start their day feeling miserable due to lack of sleep.

Not only that, but teens are forced into drinking unhealthy caffeine beverages to jolt themselves awake. Finally, students skip breakfast because they are scrambling to be on time for class. These three points illustrate why I strongly feel that school begins too soon. Do negative feelings initiate a chain reaction? When students start their day feeling lousy from waking up too early for school, it is likely that their entire day is impacted with an overwhelming sense of negativity.

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For example, I talk to friends and acquaintances quite frequently who seem gloomy and aloof only to hear that they had not gotten enough rest the previous night. Therefore, when teens feel unhappy departing for school each morning, this gives them a negative outlook on school altogether. When students see school in a poor light, they are sure to be less successful due to lack of energy and enthusiasm. Commencing class later would not only give kids more time to catch the z’s, but also change the whole perception of ‘school’ itself.

Many teens now look to caffeine as their drug of choice for aiding them through the brutal early mornings. They simply look no further than E. C. Drury’s school cafe to get their fix. On any given morning one would be sure to find many students purchasing their daily coffee. Even I resort to brewing coffee before I leave my house on mornings when I feel especially lethargic. This is a dangerous downfall because caffeine is proven to be addictive and is considered a drug. After each cup is consumed, they are only left thirsty for more.

Drinking coffee on a daily basis will leave a toll on a person physically, mentally and financially. However, caffeine usage would undoubtedly decrease dramatically if school was not such an early morning ordeal. It is time to put a stop to this vicious cycle. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! ” my mother used to frequently drill into my head as a child. Breakfast was, in fact, always my favourite meal before I became a teenager but sadly, sleep became more of a priority as I grew older.

Currently, it is becoming increasingly rare for me to enjoy the ‘most important meal’. Having spoken with some friends I have discovered that I am not alone. Breakfast for humans is like fuel for a vehicle. Can a student strive to their full potential if their tank is empty? Allowing teenagers more time in the morning would provide them with a chance to acquire essential nutrition, thus attain a more fulfilling education.

The premature onset of school results in ruining more than just the beginning of an adolescent’s day, it forces them to rely on stimulants to make it through the first couple hours, and lastly, it jeopardizes their nutrition by skipping a fundamental meal. The solution is apparent, everyone would benefit from a later first bell. Even as little as twenty minutes would make a tremendous difference in a student’s health and outlook. Why should school continue to begin at the current time if it evokes so many predicaments?