Sandra Cisneros Essay

“There is a junk store. An old man owns it. We brought a used refrigerator from him once” (Cisneros 19). This quote reflects on experiences on poverty. “She looked out the window her whole life; the way so many women sit their sadness on an elbow” (Cisneros 11). This quote reflects on the amount of power and freedom women have. “The house I belong to but do not belong to” (Cisneros 110). This quote reflects on the feeling of displacement.

These quotes shows that the novel The House on Mango Street reflects on the author Sandra Cisneros life through the novels conflicts involving poverty, the lack of authority and power for woman and also the feeling of displacement. One of the major conflict Cisneros reflected on and wrote about was poverty her personal experiences with poverty led her to write about Esperanza’s challenges with poverty throughout the novel. Sandra Cisneros states in the novel that Esperanza’s family brought a used refrigerator from a junk store.

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She stated this to show that buying a new probably would be out of budget. Cisneros shows a great relation between her experiences and the conflicts she wrote about. “He won’t let her talk on the telephone. And he doesn’t let her look out the window. And he doesn’t like her friends, so nobody gets to visit her unless he is working”. This quote reflects on the lack of authority and power the woman has. Which is another conflict Cisneros write and focuses on the novel from her experiences growing up as the only daughter and feeling like her brothers controlled her, (Sandra Cisneros Bio).

This is one of the conflicts that really impacted her writings. “We moved so much, and always in neighborhoods that appeared like France after World War II” (Sandra Cisneros Bio. ) “Someday I will have a best friend of my own” (Cisneros 9). Each of these quotes from the novel that shows the reflection of another conflict which is the feeling of displacement and loneliness both Cisneros and Esperanza feel like this because their experiences with moving a lot and not finding that one house they can settle in. Ward 2

Sandra Cisneros has experienced many things some she couldn’t control and some she could. There were bad experiences but they helped her come up with some great novels and poems such as “The House on Mango Street” which she wrote and reflected on the conflicts related to her childhood conflicts that deals with poverty and authority woman have and also the feeling of displacement and loneliness she used these conflicts to create the main character conflict and to create the plot. Sandra Cisneros experiences gave her a reason and something to write about.