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Samsung is dedicated to complying with local laws and regulations as well as upholding their strict global code of conduct for all employee.  We believes that ethical management is not only a tool to answer the rapid changes of the global business environment, but we also use it to create trust with our various stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, business partners and local communities. Our aim is to become one of the most ethical companies In the world, We are always training our employees to operate monitoring systems, while practicing fair and transparent corporate management. In 2014 we established our mid-term plan for our Eco-Management 2020 (EM2020). We are on the forefront for the Greenhouse gas reduction in our production stage and as we continue to progress we will work hard to ensure the environment and society will progress with us. At our factories we operate with high energy efficiency.  The gases we do produce, such as F-gas, in the production process we treat. Our aim is to reduce 70 percent of our GHG emission levels by early 2020.”It’s because we are different that each of us is special. Embracing diversity brings different experiences and perspectives that help us build a better tomorrow.”At Samsung our employees all have unique values and talents and we believe that developing this diversity is vital to innovation.  We educate all our people to handle diversity by creating awareness, reframing mindsets and practicing inclusion.Business ethics are the moral foundations that shape and model the way a business behaves. This means acting  ethically  involves distinguishing between “right” and “wrong” and then making the “right” choice.Professional ethics are the standards of personal and business behavior and morals. Codes of professional ethics are often made by companies to help guide their employees to stay on track and uphold the company’s professional ethics and morals  Business values are the core standards that guide and drive the way your business works. They sum up what your business stands for and what makes it special and why these values are important to the specifics business. While business plans and strategies may change the core values of your business remain the same.Samsung Electro-Mechanics addresses the serious climate change problem we are all facing. We have contributed to the conservation of the earth’s environment by ensuing no more than 30% of environmental pollutants, thus reducing the amount of waste and maintaining the recycling rate of 80%. We have made investments in sustainable environmental facilities to ensure we aren’t doing any more damage. Samsung Electro-Mechanics aims to realize a clean future and a healthy breathable earth as one of the main values.Corporate governance is a system that directs and controls some aspects of Companies. In samsungs case The governance consists of legal and transparent procedures that revolve around the companies Commercial Act and Articles of Association. Each member of the Board of Directors contributes to the management of the Company and this governance. Corporate social responsibility is a corporation’s action to check and take responsibility for the company’s effects on environmental and social welfare. In samsungs case this includes training and employing people from local communities,  building schools for children who do not have access to education, etcEnvironmental sustainability is when the  environment can be  keep in a state in which the demands placed on don’t affect people’s lives now and in the future. An example would be samsungs GHG reduction at the product use stage and during the manufacturing processHuman rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death, no matter race, religion or beliefs. Samsung have stated they have a zero-tolerance policy towards child labor, although there has been some alleged human rights violations since 2012 Corruption is a form of dishonest or unethical conduct by a person trusted to uphold a position of legal authority. This is often used to acquire personal benefit. Samsung dealt with an issue like this in 2017  when Lee Jae-yong, the acting chairman of Samsung,  was sentenced to five years in prison for crimes including offering bribes and perjury.Fair trade is a social movement whose shared goal is to help producers in developing countries acquire better trading conditions and to promote sustainable farming, to ensure they are getting what they rightfully deserve. For example Samsung C&T’s Trading & Investment Group have installed  water towers at 15 schools in the Delhi metropolitan area. Regulatory compliance is a goal that organizations aspire to achieve in their efforts to ensure that they are aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations. At samsung they have built security features that eliminate and  detect attacks which in turn protects government’s confidential information or private records.A Business practice  is a or rule, procedure, process, or method followed by a company in the pursuit of its objectives. In samsungs case this could be their  aim is to reduce 70 percent of our GHG emission levels by early 2020’s. Working conditions refers to the working environment that a person or multiple people are in. This includes job hours, physical aspects, legal rights and responsibilities. In samsungs case they are working to proved all their employes with safe and happy working Working conditions no matter their age, satus within the company or role.