Sad Essay

Reinvented Jay is replaced by Jake, Daisy by Didi, Rick by Nick and Tom by Todd. The names even sound similar. The main characters play have similar social roles despite the fact that in Fitzgerald’s novel the action takes place in Long Island in 20s years of the 20th century and in Jake, Reinvented we get acquainted with school life at   Scott Fitzgerald’s High School. The plot of both places is very similar.

In The Great Gatsby Nick Garraway, the narrator and Daisy’s cousin arrives toLong Island that is the district of rich people and penetrates into the life of the American society of the 1920s. He gets acquainted with his neighbor Gatsby, who is very rich and successful. It appears that he has loved Daisy for many years. Their love affair starts. Tom, Daisy’s husband, is furious, although he also has a lover. Nick can not bear all these dirty intrigues and conspiracies. He is fed up with this life and he returns home. In Jake, Reinvented the main difference is the fact that the action takes place at school among teenagers.

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Rick is the narrator of this story. Jake Garrett is a new person at school. From the very beginning he tries to gain popularity among other students. The most popular boy at that time is Todd, the member of football team, and Didi, the most beautiful and popular girl at school, is his boyfriend. Jake also becomes the member of football team, he competes with Todd and tries to curry favor with Didi by any means. Jake, Reinvented is a novel about American high school dream to become the most popular student and to have the most beautiful and most popular girl as a girlfriend.

It is interesting that this popularity can be gained not due to good marks, hard-work and some talents. It depends on active way of life and wealth. In The Great Gatsby the author also shows how the concept of American individualism and dream changed in the 1920s. Rich people on the East Coast have poor and empty souls. They care only for money. American dream is a constant rush for wealth for them. They are deprived of any moral values or life principles. They use all methods to achieve their goal – to become rich – and even the feeling of love is defiled. The two stories – The Great Gatsby and Jake, Reinvented are united by one theme.

Nevertheless, they have a number of differences. In Jake, Reinvented the main characters are only students and their dream is to gain popularity at school by any means, in The Great Gatsby the characters are grown-up people and their aim is to earn money. There is another great difference: despite the fact that Gordon’s story repeats practically all evens that take place in The Great Gatsby the end of the book is absolutely different. It is really surprising and does not seem real. Both books are oriented on the American reader. They appeal to people to stop, think for a while and decide whether they have true life values or not.