Ruslan able to try this again. If

Ruslan Mammadli

Reading Writing III                           

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The Worst Punishment

something there is no any way to back and it is the end, it is Death penalty.
It is the execution of murderer and is important in order to judge
appropriately. Despite the fact that some people’s opinion about Capital
punishment is against human’s right for life, and not to give another chance is
cruelty, other people think that it is an effective way to prevent fierce
crimes, and it has benefits for victims to feel comfortable, for government not
to spend money and for making criminals scared of murdering, hence it can
decrease the amount of crimes.

     There are a
number of reasons why the death penalty is the most efficient way and useful.
Firstly, capital punishment may make the victims and their families feel
satisfied and feel better that the criminal will never be able to try this
again. If the criminal is not given capital punishment, the victim’s family can
think it is unfair action against them: “Eye for eye, teeth for
teeth”. If they do not feel satisfied, they may think about revenge, and
it will be resulted with much more crimes. Then more rueful actions will occur.
Secondly, it helps the government to decrease the expenses which are used to
maintain the criminals. Murderers who are charged for their whole life are
given free electricity, meals, air conditioning and heating, and considering
how many criminals are sent to prison every year, expenses of government is too

     On the other
hand, some people’s options on this argumentative issue are against capital
punishment as they think that it is cruel action because of human’s right. Each
of the humans deserves another chance. Maybe, the “Sycamore Tree
Project” would be helpful to them to understand their mistakes and to be
example for other people not to hurt the innocent. Furthermore, capital
punishment may be given to the wrong people who are sentenced for crimes they
have not committed. For instance, Innocence Project is the best example for
this issue that hundreds of innocent people have been convicted due to false
confession, mistaken identity and so on. Some of innocent people have been
released after years but plenty of them are still in jail. It can be huge
mistake to end someone’s life for the action he has not done.

     In conclusion,
death penalty is ultimate punishment and something that can not be returned
back. To execute the criminals convince victim’s family it will not happen
again. Also, government does not have to spend money for criminals. In
addition, corporal punishment has some disadvantages. Every human deserves a
new chance; maybe they can be the role model for humanity. Moreover, innocent
people can be executed and it would be huge mistake to blame them and end their
life. Some of people agree that any form of killing is absolutely wrong and
someone who did it deserves to die, other people is definitely against capital
punishment. Both of sides own their private options, private reasons, therefore
this issue is very contentious. At least, it is obvious that people do not have
the right to end someone’s life or to cause chaos, and then no one can give
them death punishment.