Rules the stage during curtain call –

Rules for the Municipal AuditoriumJoseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – 2018As we move into the Auditorium on Wednesday, January 31, we are asking parents and students to follow these guidelines to ensure their safety and the smooth running of the production:Drop-Off and Pick-UpCast members are expected to enter the auditorium by the scheduled time and leave promptly after each rehearsal and performance. The adults working will be leaving the auditorium immediately following the rehearsal/performance and will not be available to wait with students. The entrance to the auditorium is located just off the parking lot in the back. Do not drop off your child too early – there won’t be anyone there to supervise early arrivals. Also, no cast member is to leave the building until a parent or guardian comes in to get them – they cannot meet you in the parking lot. You must come in and get them on time.If you arrive early, we request that you wait in the last three rows of the auditorium so as not to interfere with their important time with the cast and crew.Parental GuidelinesWe kindly request that parents stay away from the backstage area. Only those who have signed up to volunteer are allowed backstage. Your child can manage themselves quite well when it comes to warmups, costumes, makeup and performance/rehearsal – and we have a team of volunteers who will be supervising the lower school children downstairs.Please do not send any snacks with the children – they will be taken away. This is because they do not allow food or beverages in the theatre, backstage or in the dressing rooms. Should your child need access to a snack for medical reasons, please inform the Child Maintenance volunteer and they will work with the child’s schedule.In this show, most of the students in grade 4 and lower are in the Chorus of Many Colors, which is on stage for the full show. Therefore, we request that there not be a plethora of additional toys brought to the theatre. Between warm-ups and getting dressed, there isn’t much time to play with them anyway. Should you send items with your child, please bring something to allow them to keep the items in their area, and make sure there is nothing that could get on a child’s costume and potentially ruin it.Due to copyright laws, no video recording or flash photography is allowed during the performance. Please remember that flowers are also not to be thrown on the stage during curtain call – please wait until your child comes to visit you in the auditorium after the show. In addition, the hallway downstairs will be lined with names of the students, and you may place any gifts down there. These gifts must be taken home at the end of the run of the production.All cast members must have their own makeup for the show, and we encourage them to look at their characters to determine what to use. Generally speaking, they will need a foundation that is close to their skin tone, a black eyebrow pencil, medium blush, true red lipstick, eye shadow, deodorant, Kleenex, hair spray, and hair brush or comb. If your child can actually get into hair and makeup at home, it will help greatly overall with the process, speeding up their prep time and allowing them to have that relaxing pre-show moment or two. Oh yeah – and don’t share makeup…it’s really bad and leads to the spreading of diseases.Volunteers for the production, including the Child Maintenance team, the Stage Manager and others, are speaking with the voice of the director, and their decisions are final if a conflict arises. Be nice to them – they are working hard!Student GuidelinesDress warmly – it is not very warm in that building and the floors are not carpeted. It is never a bad idea to have an extra sweater on hand while in the dressing rooms. And consider your voices – a scarf around the neck does help to keep your vocal chords warm.Bottled water (or water in a reusable bottle) is recommended for all actors. No other beverages are allowed backstage, as a spill could ruin a costume or someone else’s costume.No cast member is allowed to be out in the house sitting with friends and family when they are not on stage. In addition, once a performance is over, each student must return to the dressing rooms and change out of their costume, hang it up and make sure their station is clean before greeting their adoring fans. Coming out in costume is prohibited – just bad luck in the theatre world and could lead to unintended mascara stains on the shoulders from crying mothers.Your costume is your lifeline to being on stage – treat it nicely. Hang it up, fold it, take good care of it. We can’t be picking up after you and we need things to look good on stage. And put your makeup away once you are done getting ready. There are a lot of you and we need everyone to have space to move around.Cast members are not allowed to use elevators unless approved by the director and stage manager. They should also not touch anything that isn’t theirs – which includes props, costumes, lights, sound equipment, curtains, set pieces, crew members…I think you get the general idea.Your stage manager is the person in charge – listen to her. She is going to make sure the whole show goes off without many errors and has a lot of things going on. If she asks you to do something, please say “Thank you, Mrs. Clendenin!” – it is both polite and lets her know you heard her. She speak with the director’s voice – what she says goes!Final WordsA full production and all its rules and such are tough for even adults to understand sometimes. Well, here’s to hoping that we get all students to treat the theatre like a temple devoted to art and the creative process. Just like a home, it needs to be taken care of, and we appreciate your cooperation in ensuring the production is the best it can be!