Room Division Essay

Rooms Division Management Case Study Analysis 2012 Name: Wei Kei Pui, Maggie Student ID: S2866288 Date: January 2, 2013 Contents 1. Introduction 1. 1 Background 1. 2 Purpose of the report 2. Problem Analysis 2. 1 Limited experience to manage a large scale luxury hotel 2. 2 Failure to be a good role model 2. 3 Traditional management style 2. 4 Poor arrangement of staff orientation and training requirement 2. 5 Failure to be a good leader and listener 2. 6 Poor interpersonal relationship with the subordinates 3. Literature Review 4. Critical Analysis . Recommendation 5. 1 Attend the management training course (Refer to 2. 1) 5. 2 Serves as a role model (Refer to 2. 2) 5. 3 Utilize an open minded policy (Refer to 2. 3) 5. 4 Appropriate staff orientation and training (Refer to 2. 4) 5. 5 Being a good leader and listener (Refer to 2. 5) 5. 6 Develop good interpersonal skills (Refer to 2. 6) 6. Summary 7. Reference 8. Appendix 1. INTRODUSTION 2. 1 Background The Griffith Hotel is a new opened luxury hotel in Israeli. It is found that there are some human and operational issues arise in the Front Office Department.

The Front Office Manager has a bad interpersonal relationship with his subordinates, high staff turnover rate and even received complaints from guests are also the reasons that making the front office department is now operating worse and worse than before. 2. 2 Purpose of the report Although the tourist and commercial hotels are leading to be a booming industry, it is not easy to maintain the occupancy rate and service standard due to the significant competition from other hotels and the high mobility rate.

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This report is made for follow main purposes: * To identify the main issues arise in the Front office Department * To investigate the case in order to find out the reasons behind * To offer some solutions and suggestions regarding to the case. 2. PROBLEM ANALYSIS It is obviously to observe that the Front Office Manager, Simon, has several personal issues that are directly affecting the staff’s morale, workplace environment and atmosphere, and also the job satisfaction of the staffs. The following are the main problems and issues arise in the case: 3. Limited experience to manage a large scale luxury hotel Simon had been both the Assistant FOM and FOM in the previous time, but only in the luxury boutique properties with small scale operation. He didn’t have sufficient experience to manage such a large scale hotel and related knowledge about handling such a big team including Concierge Department and Telephone Operation Department. He uses all his own thought and handling methods to deal with the problems arise. 3. 4 Failure to be a good role model Simon doesn’t follow the rules and regulations regarding the use of mobile phone.

He has a habit of using his cell phone when standing behind the desk. 3. 5 Traditional management style Simon is a traditional person who has a very stubborn mind. He handles things in an inflexible and straight way. He is an autocratic person as well. He always commands and orders his subordinates to achieve what he wants. He won’t allow his subordinates to call his first name directly. It shows that he is definitely a self-esteem person. 3. 6 Poor arrangement of staff orientation and training requirement The new employees are required to attend only a half day orientation.

It covers limited scope of the workplace policies and procedures. It is too rush and tight for them to remember and familiar with the P&P in a half day. Also they are forced to sign a declaration indicating that they acknowledge all the regulations. After that, they have a five-days training that follow with some experienced trainers. However, those trainers have never been informed they will be followed by some trainees. They are not able to do the well preparation before they start to train the freshmen.

Since they are under expectation, they treat the trainees with an unfriendly attitude and not willing to teach or guide them anything. 3. 7 Failure to be a good leader and listener He applies centralized decision making. He ignores what people say and just hope them to follow and obey without any explanations and guidelines. All the suggestions and opinions from his subordinates are rejected by Simon. There is lack of expression and communication channels in the Front Office Department. 3. 8 Poor interpersonal relationship with the subordinates Simon always has the argument with his subordinates and they have bad relationship each other.

Since he always speaks from a position of power and exercises tight control over his subordinates, there is job dissatisfaction among his subordinates. He doesn’t involve his subordinates in any decisions making and make them feel lack of trust and respect. He doesn’t show any recognition to his subordinates and acknowledge their achievement. Finally, he breaks down the interpersonal relationship with them since he doesn’t apply appropriate interpersonal skills. 3. Literature Review In the case study, the Front Desk’s line staffs are a diverse group who are from different countries.

The majority are from Israelis. The employees are always upset and offended by the misunderstanding occurred among each other. Since hotel business grows ever more international nowadays, manager increasingly needs to develop adequate and appropriate skills of communication with the colleagues. Cultural differences create additional communication problems for the manager working in other cultural setting. If manager develops the skills necessary to recognize the cultural differences and apply appropriate solution, the cross-cultural and inter-generational misunderstandings between the colleagues can be minimized.

The need for people to communicate with each other in the workplace, especially cross-culturally, is magnified by the increasing globalization and by the growing ethnic, cultural, and gender diversity within today’s workforce. ( ) In order to enhance the effectiveness of work, the managers can provide some formal and informal performance feedback to the staff after they get the job done. Some verbal remarks and body language are part of informal feedback. The manager can also have a leisure talk with the subordinates.

It can strengthen the relationship between them and the manager can know deeper about how the staff can be motivated to do better. Leisure talk should be the relax one but not serious. About the formal part, letter of appreciation and positive performance appraisal are the examples. These can also motivate the staffs when they take credit on the work. Common examples of interpersonal communication skills include the following: negotiating, giving feedback (positive and negative), conducting an interview and facilitating a meeting. ) Recognition is an essential part for the staff especially the one who is affecting the team most. Everyone is unique and has different strengths. Manager can base upon those strengths to assign and delegate the work to the most suitable person in order to make them contribute to the team. Acknowledging their impact to the team can make them feel like they are the valued part. It is also important for the manager to be a good listener. Not just hearing the words that are spoken, but listening to the feelings and then responding to those feelings.

Be skillful when listening to the speaker. The nonverbal body language or tone of voice can change the real meaning of the words that actually spoken. Managers can enhance their interpersonal skill by addressing several key components. They can develop their emotional intelligence, learn to recognize the uniqueness of each employee, acknowledge the impact of the detail (and the “small stuff”), learn to listen, empower others and build trust. ( ) A pleasant and distressful working environment is always welcomed. Manager should always maintain a warm atmosphere in the workplace.

Encouragement and motivation are always better than blaming. If the staffs always depressed by the pressure and they are not working happily, they are hard to deliver the standard of service and may also lose temper to the guest as well. Manager should try to keep the staff satisfaction level in middle to high range. When people are emotionally upset, perhaps angry about an event, it is unlikely that they will be able to engage in rational problem solving until their level of emotion is reduced (Wright & Taylor, 1994) 4. CRITICAL ANALYSIS Reservation plays a very important role in front office.

If the reservation is handled well by a reservationist, it will create a good impression to the hotel. Regarding the critical incident in the case study, Samantha was the Front Desk Receptionist in Griffith Hotel and she was dealing with a guest who was Mr. Branson in a check in situation. Samantha used an informal tone to greet him and measure him with eyes. She thought he was an Indian and made him link up to the other Indian guest that she met last time. She should not have such a subjective mind to the Indian. When she was ready to check the reservation for Mr. Branson, she asked him to wait with a rude and flat tone.

After checking, she told him that she couldn’t find any reservation with no eye contact and also no apology. She should not slowly emphasis the words to reply Mr. Branson after he told her his reservation details because it sounds like heavy tone. She was required to check the booking record again and she sighed heavily. It reflected her impatience and not willing to do again for the guest since she was too arrogant to think that she had already done an accurate checking for him. She then offered him a more expensive room after Mr. Branson request to have a room available. He rejected the offer and thought it was unacceptable.

Samantha kept straight attitude and emphasis that was the only room she could offer. She didn’t care whether the guest wants the room or not. She didn’t try her best to fix the problem. Mr. Branson stopped arguing with her and would like to see her manager. Samantha responded nothing and move away to find Simon. In the beginning of this situation, Samantha is better report to her senior staff. And the senior staff will try to find another same type room for him. After checking carefully and make sure that truly no rooms available, then the assistant manager should be informed.

He may upgrade him accordingly. In this case, the Front Office Manager should give Samantha a negative performance feedback like warning letter in order to make a corrective result. As hotel workers, we must being a flexible one to deal with any situations. We should have excellent customer service skills, along with a friendly demeanor but not keep diametrically opposed to the guest. We should apply appropriate body language in order to comfort the guest as possible as we can. (Attached with an appendix which is a rewrite version of the transcript of the interaction between Samantha and Mr.

Branson. ) 5. RECOMMENDATIONS The following recommendations are particularly for the Front Office Manager. They are all used for assist him to get better improvement in the interpersonal handling and team management aspects. The implications will follow each point of problems that is mentioned above (point 2). 5. 1 Attend the management training course (Refer to 2. 1) Simon didn’t have related experience in managing the large scale hotel, he should attend the management training course that which can outline the differences between handling the small and large scale hotels.

He should have an appropriate skills and adequate knowledge to deal with such a big change. The department head meeting should be held by the hotel company in regularly basis as well. It can strengthen the communication among all the departments and let Simon to see how other managers perform. He should also evaluate himself regarding his attitude to the subordinate and other problems handling. 5. 2 Serves as a role model (Refer to 2. 2) As a Front Office Manager, Simon should not have any privileges. He should demonstrate appropriate behaviors in his department regarding the rules and regulations are set in the department.

If he is not doing straight, the lower ones will go aslant. He should be upright in order to persuade others to do better. Equality is essential to make everyone to be obeyed. Simon should lead by example that not to use the cell phone in the front desk and in order to demonstrate integrity. 5. 3 Utilize an open minded policy (Refer to 2. 3) Even though Simon is the Front Office Manager, he still can’t only rely on his authority to control people. It will only create fear and unpleasant atmosphere within the department.

He should establish open and collaborative relationships with the subordinates. He can guide and support the team, but not commanding. Employee feedback can also help to reflect their satisfaction results in order to identify and address employee problems or concerns. 5. 4 Appropriate staff orientation and training (Refer to 2. 4) A manager is required to ensure the smooth running of day to day operations. The role of the staffs is very important because they are the one who keep the business running. The manager should be able to provide a warm-welcomed orientation ay and appropriate staff training for the new employees in order to get them familiar with the hotel and department operations. The orientation should be hold within 3 days. Through the orientation, the new employees can know well about the rules and regulation. There will be a hotel tour to lead them to every department and recognize the department heads. Apart from these, the department heads should have a dining with them in the F&B outlets in order to go deep into each other. It is also a very nice opportunity for the new employees to try the outlets and promote to the guests.

About the staff training, it should be about 7 days. In this period, there should be a buddy trainer who is informed before and get preparation. The buddy trainer should accompany the trainee one on one and deliver all the accurate policies and procedures in the process. Their shift schedule should be the same as well. After the training, the FOM should collect feedback to ensure all of the new employees are confident to get the work done themselves. During the training, then FOM should also monitor their shortfalls in order to provide individual coaching for particular staffs if needed. 5. Being a good leader and listener (Refer to 2. 5) A good leadership is the ability to influence group toward the achievement of goals. Simon should set clear guidelines and establish direction by developing a vision of the future. He should align his subordinates by communicating this vision and inspiring them to follow and overcome hurdles. Simon should promote teamwork and encourage people to work as a team. He needs to encourage them to participate in decisions making. If people are constantly left out of the loop, they won’t feel they are part of the team. Everyone has feeling and opinion.

Simon should invite people to give suggestions and give them opportunity to express their opinions, especially those affect the team most. Simon should be willing to listen in details without interruption. A good teamwork can results in a team spirit and a good working environment. Automatically it carries over into a good service environment. 5. 6 Develop good interpersonal skills (Refer to 2. 6) A successful business relies on the staffs performing to the desired standard. Therefore, the manager should develop a good interpersonal relationship with his subordinates.

Simon has three Assistant Managers who are Michelle, Bruno and Ronny. He should always keep them informed on the overall business goal so they can know how to fit in. He should also make use of their particular relevant skills and let them participate actively in the discussion and contribute expertise and ideas. It can make them feel like they are a valued part of the business and show them how their works contribute to the overall business. Simon should treat his employees as individuals because people like to be spoken to on a personal level. He should base upon trust and respect to result in commitment.

People want to achieve something are much more effective than people who are forced to do so. He should give recognition and sincere praise to his well-performed staff as well Specific positive feedback sounds more genuine. 6. SUMMARY The Front Office Department is the major department in a hotel which is situated at the front part of it and creates the first impression to the guests and also reflects the hotel image. It is the nerve center of a hotel where all the information and messages are communicated to the different department or personnel

The front office manager should be responsible for many kinds of aspect. He should set clear business goals and let the team know what they are expected to accomplish and they must commit to the goals. As a manager, he needs to know how the staffs can be motivated. Once they are motivated, they will work harder and deliver a higher standard if service and working performance. Conducting department meeting and continually communicates a clear and consistent message regarding the business goals to produce desired results is also an essential part.

It is extremely important that a front manager has excellent communication skills, as he needs to be in constant touch with his team members and guests as well. His speech must be clear, concise and correct and one that makes the point easily without going astray. He can also come up with programs, events and parties to ensure maximum occupancy of the hotel, for achieving higher profit margins. Every Front Office teammate is also responsible for maintaining a warm and cooperative atmosphere in the workplace in order to provide a high service standard to the guests and achieve the Front Office Department goals.

Appreciation is needed when the team has successfully achieved it. 7. REFERENCE 8. APPENDIX S=Samantha B=Mr. Branson AM=Assistant Manager S: “Good evening. Would you like to check in and may I have your name please? ” Samantha looks at Mr. Branson with a sincere smile and greeting. B: “Yes, my name is Mr. Branson. ” S: “Thanks and wait a moment please. ” Samantha looks for the reservation record again and again but she still can’t find any information about Mr. Branson’s booking. She feels so sorry and looks up to him, says: S: “I am sorry, Mr.

Branson. I can’t find your record here. May I know that how did you make the reservation? ” B: “My assistant made the booking over two weeks ago. I also received a confirmation letter. ” S: “Please wait a moment. I am going to report it in to my senior. ” B: “Perhaps you could check again? ” Since Samantha wants to know more about the booking details before has a search, she is tending to request him Mr. Branson to give her the confirmation letter. S: “May I have your confirmation letter please, Mr. Branson? ” B: “No, I didn’t think it is necessary.

I can go online to find the confirmation, but at this late hour, I would just like to check in as I have had a long day. ” S: “Alright, I am really sorry Mr. Branson. Since I am not authorized to make any decision, I am going to get my Assistant Manager, Bruno to talk to you. ” Samantha hands over the details of the case and leaves it out to Bruno. AM: “Hi, Mr. Branson. I am the Assistant Manager, Bruno. I have already comprehended the situation in your case. I am really sorry to tell you that the room type which you requested is no longer available. How about I upgrade you the room? Is it acceptable for you? ” B: “For sure. ” ?