Romeo regarded as determined by a supernatural

   Romeo and Juliet is known as the greatest love story of all time. A story of star-crossed lovers in a forbidden love story. The two teens found love at first sight.  A central theme of this play is fate. Fate is the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power. Fate plays a huge role in the way this story is presented. Shakespeare presents these two lovers as enemies, one being of the house of Montague and the other of the house of Capulet. The two families despise each other and always have. Was it fate that these two were destined to be together or just coincidence.      In the prologue before the play even begins we learn that romeo and juliet’s love is already “death-marked.” Before viewers even know what the play is about they learn about its tragic end. The prologue specifically states that, “A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life.” so it is not a secret what happens to the two characters. Even though this is only the prologue directors should have this scene be a very important point in the play. DIrectors should have the chorus really articulate the words and slow down the reading so that the listener can really take in all the information they are giving us. This will also help the listeners understand the theme of fate.      In Act one the viewer learn how in the beginning of this story Romeo is actually in love with a different girl named Rosaline. These two were definitely not fated to be together. In scene one Romeo is depressed because Rosaline will not be with him. Later in the scene Romeo states, “Tut! I have lost myself; I am not here; This is not Romeo, he’s some other where.” By saying this he is stating he is not himself and that his mind is somewhere else or that he is not focused. Then for the rest of the play fate puts Romeo into situations that were out of his control. Because of this Romeo and Juliet’s first meeting was fated to happen because fate is determining their future. The way these two meet was not planned. Romeo was at the party to find Rosaline and just happened to have his eyes wander and see juliet, But the reason these two meet was fate. DIrectors should pay close attention to these two scenes as they are crucial to the plot of the play.     Another big example of the theme fate is in act five. After Juliet has taken the drug and is thought dead, Friar Lawrence has sent a letter through Friar John to get to Romeo to tell him that Juliet is alive. Sadly the Message never gets to Romeo. Friar John explains to Friar Lawrence, “Going to find a barefoot brother out, one of our order, to associate me here in the city visiting the sick, and finding him, searchers of the town, suspecting that we both were of the house where the infectious pestilence did regin, sealed up the doors, and would not let us forth, So that my speed to Mantua there was stayed.” Friar John is explaining here how he was quarantined and stopped and was unable to go on to Mantua. When Friar Lawrence asked who got the letter to Romeo Friar John responded with, “I could not send it.” This meaning Romeo never got the important message. This small error will set off a chain of reactions that will end in there fated end. Romeo later finds Juliet and not knowing she is still alive he takes his own life. When she wakes up from the sleeping potion she asks the friar where Romeo is. The friar responds by saying,”some higher power has changed their original plans.” This higher power is their fate. It was also fate that the friar didn’t make it to her tomb on time. After the friar leaves Juliet makes the drastic decision the take her life also so that she can be with him. She then speaks the infamous lines, “Yea, noise? Then i’ll be brief. O happy dagger! She snatches Romeo’s dagger This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die. she stabs herself and falls” This is the moment when the two characters fates came to an end. They were both fated to die and so they did. This scene is very dramatic is the moment that the whole play had been leading up to.  Romeo and Juliet’s deaths were not the friar’s fault. It was fate that fated the two star-crossed lovers to their dreadful death.      The story of Romeo and Juliet will go down in history as one of William Shakespeare’s greatest plays. Their story is a love story of star-crossed lovers dealing with their fate. Romeo and Juliet’s fate is out of their control throughout the whole play. Directors should make sure the theme of fate is a big part of the play. This story is a love story of tragedy and fate. The story is a the power of what fate can do to change the course of two people’s lives.