Rohan on both sides of her face

Rohan Garimella2/16/18Hour 1Challenger Did you know that one of the astronauts on the Challenger was a teacher? You might know about the Challenger (the one that exploded in mid-air). People might have survived the crash because it landed in the Atlantic ocean. Nasa didn’t even try finding their bodies. Why did the Challenger actually explode?. Why did Nasa stop the actual launch time and launch it at the worst timing. The space shuttle Challenger explosion was devastating. The astronauts might have actually survived the explosion, except for Gregory Jarvis because there was no evidence of him surviving the explosion. Francis Richard Scobee would be 75 years old if he was alive. Strangely, there’s also a person named Richard Scobee, the CEO of a Chicago marketing and advertising company. He has the same high forehead, same eyebrows, same wide-set eyes that are slightly tilted down in their outer corners. “Conspiracy theory claims the seven astronauts supposedly killed in the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger explosion are quietly living out their lives in the U.S. ” (Are the Crew Members). Astronaut Judith Resnik might have looked like Arthur Liman Professor at Yale Law School. She looks like Judith Resnik because she has dark curly hair, dark eyes, same eyebrow shape, and the same lines on both sides of her face extending up. Ellison Onizuka looked like his brother named Claude. If Ellison was alive he would look exactly like his younger brother. Why did the Challenger explode? The Challenger took off, in the start it was going well. ” What amazed me was that the shuttle flew just like the simulator said it was going to fly” (Haskins 9)Well it exploded because when Rockwell ( an engineer) was building the Challenger when he didn’t tighten the O-rings hard enough to not let flame through the space shuttle. He didn’t tighten it enough so the hot gases from the booster went into the engine and blew up. The Challenger blew up and landed straight into the ocean. So nobody knows if the people even survived from the explosion. If they actually sealed the O-rings then they would have parts to build the international space station. Also, it was supposed to let go satellites on the earth. By the 80’s the International Space Station would be done if they actually did not mess up. Also, if the Challenger did not explode, we would already be doing experiments and knowing more things about space.It never worked according to parameters. The morning of January 28 was unusually cold, and engineers warned their superiors that certain components, particularly the O-rings that sealed the joints of the shuttle’s solid rocket booster, were to fail at low temperatures. However, these warnings were told but it was too late, and at 11:39 a.m. Challenger lifted off. “On January 28, 1986, the tenth mission of the space shuttle Challenger ended in tragic disaster “( Staff). The Nasa specialists canceled the exact timing because of the weather. The tragedy and its aftermath received extensive media coverage and prompted NASA to temporarily suspend all shuttle missions. They were really worried but they still took the risk and they took off. They should have rescheduled the timing of the launch the next day.      This is proof that the challenger might have not killed all of the crew members but it might have exploded. The actual reason that the Challenger blew up was somebody made a design flaw in the boosters. They rescheduled the timing for 5 minutes but couldn’t they rescheduled it with another hour or two. Who knows if the Challenger actually exploded.                    Bibliography Administrator, NASA Content. “Remembering the Challenger Crew.” NASA, NASA, 9 Mar. 2015, the Crew Members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Still Alive? (2018, January 03). Retrieved January 11, 2018, from, James, and Kathleen Benson. Space Challenger: the Story of Guion Bluford: an Authorized Biography. Houghton Mifflin, Staff. “Challenger Explosion.”, A Television Networks, 2010,, Sarah. “5 Things You May Not Know About the Challenger Shuttle Disaster.”, A Television Networks, 28 Jan. 2016,”Space Shuttle Challenger Fast Facts.” CNN, Cable News Network, 20 Jan. 2017,”The Space Shuttle Challenger Accident.” Davinder Mahal,”Space Shuttle Challenger Fast Facts.” CNN, Cable News Network, 20 Jan. 2017,