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Robert Borden was born on June 26, 1854 and died on June 10, 1937. As Prime Minister he played a huge role in World War One. He was responsible for three very important things that took place in World War One and in Canada, one being, the War Measures Act in 1914. Even though fighting in the war was optional, due to the lack of volunteers the Military Service Act made it so it was compulsory for all men between 20-45 to join the war. Due to the war being too expensive (around 1 million dollars a day), in 1917 the government place tax on a personal income and on businesses. The Battle of Vimy Ridge is one of the most important battles Canada ever fought. General Arthur Currie was responsible for the major win against the Germans. He built a replica of the Ridge behind his own lines. Soldiers trained to load and fire German guns. The British military men were trained to drop shells just to make  some sort of smoke cloud, so the army can keep on running up the Ridge. This plan was called ” Rolling Barrage” Soldiers trained everyday until they perfected the attacks. This battle took place on April 9, 1917 and lasted till April 12, 1917. The Canadians were able to take over the Ridge in just a week. This battle was important because it would be Canada’s greatest moment in the war. The invention of the Gas mask was invented by a medical doctor named Cluny Macpherson in St. John, Newfoundland. He invented the gas mask in 1915 after the battle of Ypres where Germans used poisonous gas for the first time against the Canadians. In order for this to never happen again, medical doctor, Cluny Macpherson made the gas masks. The gas masks made it so it protected the soldiers from breathing in any dangerous gases. The Gas mask was the most protective invention in World War 1, saving a lot of soldiers eyes, throats, and lungs. Frederick Banting was born on November 14, 1891 in Alliston, Ontario and died on February 21, 1941 in Newfoundland. Fredrick Banting with the help of his friend Charles Best, created the greatest medical inventions. Insulin is naturally produced by the body and regulates blood sugar levels. People with diabetes cannot produce Insulin. In 1921, he began his research with Charles Herbert for the best cure of diabetes at university of Toronto. Due to making it at university of Toronto he sold the rights of insulin to university of Toronto for $1.In the Imperial conference of 1926, Canada becomes a self-governing nation. They became equal with other countries and free to connect with Britain and any other countries. The Balfour Declaration was a report that makes the end of British imperialism and the beginning of an equal nation. Canada is now capable of making their own decisions such as choosing which side to support in war. This was very important for Canada because it started to show Canada as an independent country and slowly becoming separate from Britain’s control.A Canadian person by the name of Ted Rogers created the first electronic radio which runs with no battery. It was called CFRB (Canadian first Rogers battery Less). In 1936, CBC (Canadian Broadcast Channel) was created and it was widely listen all across Canada. It introduces the first Canadian broadcast; In 1936, CBC (Canadian Broadcast Channel) was created and it was widely listened all across Canada. Many Canadians were thrilled by the CBC broadcast and encouraged many Canadians to play and listen to sports such as hockey. This was revolutionary for Canada because the radio gave entertainment to families and traveled important news faster.The five sisters were born in Callander, Ontario on May 28 1934. The five sisters names were Annette, Cecile, Yvonne, Marie and Émilie. Their parents were Elzire and Oliva Dionne. These sisters were very identical and together they weighed less than 6.5 kilograms. After four months the sisters were separated by the Canadian government from their parents and were kept in a theme park called “Quintland”. The Canadian government got more than 500 million just by the tourists. The Quintuplets were Canada’s biggest tourists attraction, bigger than the Niagara falls. The Quintuplets were important because, they helped the country’s economy grow and made Canada get a lot of popularity at the time.On December 11, 1931, the Statute of Westminster was passed which made Canada an independent country which meant they had full legal control over their country. Even though they became an independent country in 1867, they did not have full control over their country until 1931. This was an huge achievement for Canadians. The Table Hockey was invented by Donald Munro in 1932 in Toronto, Ontario. Munro made the hockey table out of wood because he could not afford the expensive materials due to the great depression. Munro found the wooden materials in his neighborhood and the first hockey game as a Christmas present to his children since he couldn’t afford to buy a gift. The Munro’s first hockey game was advertised for $4.95. Soon the game was popular and many adults and kids started buying the game. By the mid-1950s, it was estimated that 75,000 Canadian homes owned a table hockey game. This invention was important because it allowed entertainment in houses and local buildings.?Mackenzie King was born on December 17, 1874 in Berlin, Ontario. He was the tenth Prime Minister of Canada and also the longest serving Prime Minister of Canada. Mackenzie King was first elected as Prime Minister in December 29, 1921 until June 28, 1926 where he got reelected. When he was the Prime Minister in 1926, it was the starting of the great depression. He thought that in order to end the depression he needed to do nothing because, he believed that the business cycle will recover by itself, so he came up with the plan called “Hands of Policy”. He helped end the great depression. Newfoundland joined the confederation in March 30, 1949 and it is most latest province to join the confederation . The government organized a vote to finally letting them join Canada or stay as Newfoundlanders. Before the voting, Newfoundland experienced changes, people wanted higher standard of living , more public services and better economic security in international trade. when people voted most Newfoundlanders voted to join Canada and finally, on March, 31 1949, Newfoundlanders became Canadian citizens.The invention of the Electric Wheelchair was invented by George Johann Klein in 1952. George was called the most productive inventor in Canada but during his high school years he did really poor in school. George invented a lot of things like the staple gun, nuclear reactor and of course the electric wheelchair. The electric wheelchair was a great invention to Canadian history because it made it so people who were handicapped could live their lives easier. The electric wheelchair also made it easy to travel long distances.Terry fox is the athlete runner who tried to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. Terry fox was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in July 28,1958. He was only 18 years old when the doctors told him he was diagnosed with bone cancer .Terry fox did the Marathon of Hope with his right leg cut off due to bone cancer. He knew that he was going to die trying but he ran to support people who are living with cancer. Terry fox wanted to raise awareness about cancer and cure it. He ran across Canada to raise money. He ran for 143 days but he was forced to stop running because the cancer had spread into his lungs. Terry fox ran 5,373 kilometers in his campaign. After his campaign, Terry fox raised over $650 million all over the world.The Trans-Canada highway act was passed in 1949. The construction began in 1950.  The highway was opened after 10 years in 1962 but was not fully complete. The highway was finally completed in 1971, which connects all ten provinces of Canada. The highway is the longest highway in Canada and 4th longest in world today. The highway was 7,821 km in length. This Highway is important because it brings almost all Canada together and made it easier to travel in Canada.The company Blackberry was created by Mike Lazaridis. He was born on March 14, 1961 in Turkey. His family moved to Windsor, Ontario in 1966. The first blackberry device is called 850 and it was introduced in 1999. The name blackberry was chosen because the number of keyboard buttons looking just like the small spots that are on the blackberry fruit. Blackberry is mostly used to send and receive emails and instant messages as well as calling. The thing that made blackberry unique and revolutionary is the Blackberry to Blackberry is free to text (BBM).