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Ryan Stanford Album Review February 1, 2012 Drake “Takes Care” of Rap Game Twenty four year old, Toronto born, New Orleans grown, Drake, delivers his best album to date. “Take Care” features nineteen songs that all show off Drake’s unique talent to combine both his soft singing voice and his sharp, deep rap verses. Drizzy’s sophomore album can be compared to some of the great, only 2 months after release date: Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter” series, Kanye West’s “Graduation”, just to name a couple. The album is a breath of fresh air to the so called “dying” rap genre.

Although I do agree the album is a classic but it isn’t the saving grace of rap. Rap has changed dynamically since the 90’s and Drake is the perfect example of how’s it’s changed. Drake brings a whole new subgenre of rap, where he uses emotion and smooth styles and combinations of singing and rapping to create a masterpiece. Quite frankly no one can be compared to him, which is why he is talented and successful. He is clearly the best at what he does, and “Take Care” is living proof. Besides his inimitable style of rap, another thing that stands out from other artist is the way he so easily relates his songs to the audience.

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Drake is richer than us, has sex more and with more beautiful women, his loved by so many, yet we feel like we can relate to him. And the reason is. Because he raps about his true life and doesn’t pretend to be someone he’s not. Throughout the disk song after song it tells us about his life. The emotion he uses connects with us. Maybe we’re tired of listening to the rap that talks about pussy, weed, the hood, bloods, crips, and money. While what other rappers and saying about their life I’m sure is true, what average person can relate to that? In “Take Care” Drake raps and sings about love!

That’s crazy, call him gay call him soft call him what you want but the man’s album went Platinum, he is doing something right. As we take a deeper look into the album itself, the first thing that grabs our attention is the cover and the title “Take Care. ” The title is perfect for Drake’s whole demeanor. He’s almost acting as if the listeners are saying thank you to Drake for his album and his response is “Take Care. ” As for the cover photo, again it couldn’t describe Drake and the album any better. His soft yet powerful emotion is pouring through his facial expressions.

He looks as if one of his girlfriend’s broke up with him, yet somehow I think he is still doing fine, hence the gold chain, cup, and candle. In the album time after time again we hear the style of rapping bars and singing hooks. A technique used by very few. His R&B is comparable to Chris Brown and his rapping is a mimic of Kanye West bred with Lil Wayne. With those tangibles, and also the emotional meaning behind the lyrics are a must witness. In “Make Me Proud”, “Shot for Me”, “Marvin’s Room” Drake actually comes off as if he cares about a certain women.

While this probably isn’t far from the truth for Drake, talk about uncharted waters in the rap game! No doubt Drizzy is taking some heat from the hard core gangsta rap followers but he is paving his own path and leaving a permanent beautiful scar in the genre of rap. You hate him or love him, not really a question for me though, best album I’ve heard in a long, long time. The reason so many people is just that though. Besides his style that is different from any prior, its Drake’s message that has people constantly listening to him.

He raps his true life and doesn’t pretend to be something he isn’t. Two main things in Drake’s life, women and money, so what does Drake rap about, women and money. He makes the listener strive to become successful in the sense that having money is fun and great, but at the same time he still deals with the real life problems of relationships. So many rappers stress that their motto is money over everything. I’m not saying that Drake’s priorities are different than that but I am saying that a special woman is a close second. Take Care” demonstates Drakes versitile flow brilliantly. People often wonder if Drake should stick to either rapping or stick to singing, and I say change absolutley nothing. Although I do see where those people are coming from, maybe he hasn’t even tapped into his full potential of rapping if he stopped singing or vise versa. It’s simple though, if you want to find out why Drake shouldn’t change a thing, buy the cd, get itunes, illeagally download it, just find a way to listen to his newest album “Take Care” and I will save you a spot on the bandwagon.