Review of Michael B. A. Oldstone’s Viruses, Plagues, and History: The Past, Present, and Future Essay

The book i was reading is Viruses, plagues and history the past, present and future by Michael B. A. Oldstone, talks about different diseases that have made its impact on history. The main idea of the book is to explain different epidemic that have occurred in history are occurring now and that can possibly occur in the future. Some dieses have shaped history that if it never happened the world wouldn’t be the same such as smallpox which allowed Europeans to clone the new world (America). Viruses have shaped our life and made a diference in history. Now who was this book for? The book could have been aimed for teens and up.

The reason I think that it is aimed for teens and up is because it uses advanced vocabulary. It was written to inform other people about plagues and viruses that occurred in history. People that would be interred in this book are people who enjoy history and people who like to learn about medical. So it can work for two different types of people history lover and health lovers. This book explains very well different diseases that have infected throughout history in details. It is good for anyone studding any diseases or epidemic in history or that is currently occurring it was pretty up to date in its information.

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To get its point through the author uses different text features. The book contains multiple different text features that explain different epidemics. The author uses quotes from different historians to back up his info and show he is not the only one that says so. He uses charts to show death rates and when it occurs to give a visual description of what happened. It gave maps to show areas that it occurred through a visual approach. It also used pictures to show how certain things looked to give you an idea of what happened. These were very effective it allowed me to understand what the author was trying to say.

It made me understand these different diseases and why they were so horrible. What does the book say about viruses? The first two captures explain what viruses are “Individual viruses have evolved intriguing and unique lifestyles. ” The author talks about multiple different diseases which include smallpox, yellow fever, measles, poliomyelitis, Lassa fever, Ebola, Hantavirus, west Nile virus, HIV, SARS, mad cow disease, and influenza. For each disease he explains it and gives what happened. How the virus came into being and different stories that occurred involving it.

Even though the book is filled with information it has many different unreal vent details in it. The author occasionally gives extra unimportant details and goes on for a while. I liked the book because it gave a lot of information that has informed me in different epidemics. I enjoy learning about history and I like studding medicine and it combined both and helped me expand my knowledge in both areas. The book I would decently recommend to others. It can help expand knowledge the author helps by giving countless ends of information to inform you. A lot will truly be known about the topic.