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Table of Contents.
Computing ———————————————————————————-6
of cloud computing————————————————————-
of Cloud Computing——–












Cloud computing is a technology which trends in the market
for coming up future technologies. It has turned to technology to support
business. Cloud computing
is a set of services.  Presenting services in Internet by hosting their services
to internet is a new paradigm. Cloud computing, hardware or software need to implement any kind of
infrastructure. This paper is cloud and help customers for payment of benefits, flexibility,
and scalability, without nevertheless, computing Steps virtual platform
providing cloud and You can be taken to prevent security breaches
describes facing security problems in computing. Is essential for
companies to understand the risks associated with the cloud
compute. Security cloud and major problem of computing is facing problems. Data
protection and cloud examining the utilization of cloud by vendors and security
issues. Cloud computing is a detailed analysis of the description,
challenges, and security issues in the following article.














Cloud Used to represent diagrams and flow charts, Internet
computing more if the symbol was inspired by the cloud. Important components
of 1 of
independence where known virtualization and cloud computing, rapid elasticity,
and resources pooling. Such as in will be used to provide a variety of
characteristics. It is a way to improve business functions, without having
to invest in new infrastructure and investment. We the information technology (IT) of high speed growth in the field area to see the cloud computing a tremendous growth from
the business concept.

A powerful and rapid development of the process of
storing the computer resources are cheaper technology. New trends have
emerged among the company, the cloud in the
field of computing and information technology in recent years have affected a
great deal. Companies offering cloud technologies, Google, Amazon,
Microsoft ( Zheng c.) Is.









Cloud computing:

Cloud computing, Internet -Based computing 1 one store and access data and programs via the
Internet. Customers computing as a service is one of
the resources that provide the fastest way. Cloud computing renting
customer service online or not to install them. Cloud architecture identified solutions 4 there are
three different deployment models.

·       Private cloud: private sector organizations and organizations using
or on site or off, or possibly third- Cloud is operated by the party Infrastructure.

·       Public cloud: cloud can be used by the general public infrastructure. Usually Microsoft
Amazon or Google of such enterprises is owned by them.

·       Community cloud: cloud shared tissue of some specific requirements or
concerns shared by Is the

·       Hybrid cloud: cloud infrastructure the above probability of applications and data to
enable 3 One is in
the combination of deployment model.


Cloud & Computing architecture

Cloud Computing 3 has three main models. Other services the

·       Software as a service (SaaS),

·        Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

·       Platform as a service (PaaS):

Service (SaaS) As a software: Top layers of cloud computing

SaaS The SaaS Are available to customers through a network, and
executed on a server provided by the provider Web- -Based / On – Demand / Host Also referred to as software. It delivery model
or platform to expand applications via the Internet as a service, and provides
consumers with the ability to use the provider’s application. Access to
this application, security, availability, and performance such as email providers given the thin clients Interface through a variety of clients you can access from the device. This software data perform tasks related to storage, transfer and backup,
very low cost (Beer, Hocenski Z Popovic K. V.) In business software provides a service. “SaaS of
certain characteristics is as follows.

·       Multi Tennant, Architecture: Common code base and
infrastructure to maintain. Useful for rapid innovation, vendor
development and save time it is.

·       Easy customization: application is affecting the common ground that are
customized according to customer. All of the customizations maintain
during the upgrade of a unique low customer risk and adaptation costs for all

·       SaaS use consumer Web: SaaS application web interface, Amazon and Yahoo On is very similar. Click and is easy to
customize with point.

·       SaaS of trends: many
organizations are Sip (SaaS integration platform) of actively developing. Software adaptation is
also called the third wave as a platform for critical applications (sales force).”

Service (IaaS) As the intermediate layer of cloud computing

Infrastructure Service (IaaS) as a virtualized hardware, computing is a
layer of single tenants are also referred to as infrastructure. IaaS the software, hardware, and storage servers and other infrastructure, Hosting component, on behalf of the user third- party providers are included. Providing virtual space,
network connectivity and bandwidth are included IP address and load balancer and consumers to expand the Application
and operating you can run software that contains the
system. Network cloud provider Will provide the financial flexibility and
greatly minimize any huge investment and many data managed Will be distributed in the Center. Company
performs without any kind of hardware features it provides. Applications
that are deployed in the consumer and operating systems (Dimi trios Z., Dimi trios and l.) Can be controlled. Following the National Agency
for property as follows.

·       Scalable: it can be to adjust the on-demand
scalability. Ideal for temporary, so that changing any experiment or
estimated workload (Margaret.).

·        No single point of failure: number of hardware a wide
range of services is unchanged if there is any failure due to resource and
redundant configurations,

·        Location independence: all 1 one is must be an active Internet connection from
anywhere to access cloud Security Protocol “(IaaS is).

Service (PaaS) As a platform: Cloud Layer in computing

PaaS, Provides the environment for the Platform stands as a
service, platform, and developers to build applications and services that you
can deploy cloud base on. Software application
uses the tools provided by your provider, you can create. Customers can
subscribe to the of has to choose from that meet the requirements.

is always upgraded on the existing and additional features. PaaS offers software and web developer can get companies to develop their own
internal software. The consumer cloud infrastructure (Dimi trios Z., Dimi trios and) Take
advantage of if you are not using the service for controlling, as the
developer’s workstation can be.

Features are as follows.

·        Investment in the physical infrastructure: Can be used as a platform for creating software and
applications do not have to buy all the infrastructure can install or
rent. Reduces unnecessary costs to be able to service customers, they need
to borrow.

·        Flexible it according to the requirements of the tools and
features Give control back to the customer on a platform installed.

·       Adaptation: can change based on the situation and made easy to
update the.

·       Virtual team: across the various locations of the developers, that
can be used together in the same application” (What is PaaS)

of cloud computing

Cloud computing is one of the most promising emerging
technology that can handle some issues there. Belo is the characteristics
of some of the clouds listed calculations.


Computing without any human interaction, You can specify a resource. Feature that quickly
scale up
immediately, you can specify the automatically.


Set limits on infrastructure change, you can run the
software. It can be extended to the horizontal and vertical directions.

An extensive network Access

can be accessed through standard mechanisms available.

of location.

cannot control, about the exact location of the specified resource.

Trust Worthy.

For continuing
business with successful range and avoid any disasters we can access multiple
web applications to avoid them and to be a successful business.

the use of multiple redundant sites for business continuity and disaster

of scale and cost effectiveness

Tend to rely on cloud implementation, to increase as
much as possible. Power plant close to the low cost, cheap, low priced
real estate can perform large-scale deployments.


Carbon Neutral ( Dimi trios and Dimi trios And l.) Provides
an efficient system improved resource utilization.

benefits of cloud computing

Cloud , Offers a unique advantage, companies calculate
reason relies on cloud computing. Calculates the following are some of the
benefits of the cloud.


Reduce the cost of small business to benefit from
technology, it is useful to implement an expensive technology that can afford
large manufacturers. Cloud computing cloud provides a huge opportunity for
startups to build their own applications on the platform, a small organization
or developer.


You can get your organization users upfront capital
investment hardware and
provides access to the resources immediately. Adaptive and infrastructure
can be shared by different end users in a variety of ways.

to entry low-technology innovation:

Most of the startups and small organizations, cloud You can use the platform. The developed
application, without any initial investment.

the service.

Cloud Organization for scaling the computing service will be
easier. A high development speed with the help of cloud computing
will. You can scale resources up or down significantly software API of
depending upon the client load through the lowest possible provider

the service.

Could not easily provide the potential of cloud
computing and application services (Avram g. M.)


computing in the cloud

Cloud Computing is a big problem for data security. As
the challenges have been trying to solve this company has been to sort the
problem reform is continuing. There exists apart from any other charge costing model, service level agreements (SLA), Migrating to a cloud interoperability issues;


This is the main problem preventing the growth of
cloud computing 1 Of the calculation. Known issues, phishing,
corporate data and software, loss of data, pose a serious threat botnet
ever. The trust1 one, is
one of the main requirements are dependent on external
factors. Confidentiality and auditability, cloud, can be achieved by using
a cryptographic protocol is a key requirement of confidentiality of
computing. Have the ability to access protected data, it is involved or
refers to a system that is approved. Due to the increase in the number of
parties can access data and increases the security threat to a number of
parties, applications and devices. At various levels, such as network,
host and application resources are
shared. Data remanence, data confidentiality ( Q. Zhang , Chen L. the r. Botana, Dimi trios Z. , Dimi trios – L. the Kuyoro Support Office,Ibikunle f. the Awodele o.) Violations
may incorrectly.

Known one important aspect of cloud computing is the
data integrity. Means to protect data from modification or deletion
without notice. Data can have a data integrity issue that hasn’t been
abused, stolen or flow. Different levels of ca of a secure system ( Dimi trios and Dimi trios L.) Approve
the resources controlled by the system.

research shows that designing efficient protocols to establish trust in the
management process.



accounting model

Cloud & Without a doubt can reduce the rate of migration in
the cost of computing cloud Increases the cost of data transmission, such as
transferring data to the community. Costs are based on different layers have
been mentioned above.


Which calculates cost based on the variety of services
according to the rates assumed static computing consumption. A viable
strategic model, sustainability and SaaS cloud is very important for the profitability of the
provider. This redesign, redevelop, single costs and enhanced performance,
included software is used for tenant security, providing new features so that
you can customize to an intensive.

Service Level agreements (SLA)

Core & Business features cloud computing migrated to the platform, and reliable, It is
essential to ensure the quality, availability and performance. These
services level agreements are providers and negotiate consumer
between. Different cloud service SaaS,IaaS,PaaS Different SLA Specifications are required. Incorporate feedback
from users, customize the features and advanced SLA of
mechanism is needed.


Cloud & Cloud computing to provide interaction between the
user and the cloud and a way to your own method, called this “the cloud
phenomenon” Is
responsible for that system. Local main purpose provides the flow of data between cloud and
applications. Interoperability at different levels within the cloud of
essential computing. However, this problem is not (Eurosport Office, Ibikunle f. o.
Awodele) The major industry
cloud are being
floated on the agenda of the vendor.


Enterprise 24/7 application reliability and are more likely to support operations should be
available to the required levels of reliability and additional costs may occur
is important. Application or market ( Avram g. M.) ,
Establishes a record of reliability the reliability of most of the available


















* Based on the foregoing, it is clear that is
informative, and cloud computing have been beneficial to most of the
companies. All the technology up to date has the disadvantages that are
associated with them. Disadvantages dis advantages, limitations and
technical problems to understand, cloud and computing business failure is no
exception. Despite the benefits, however,

of the book, all of the above challenges and considerations face cloud & The computing. Cloud and computing is a major trend to provide cost-efficient
virtual 1 one to
information technology company, which is known (IT) a secure
solution. 2 -factor
authentication (2fa), multifactor authentication (MFA)”the cloud A major concern in computing 1 one in singles, you can avoid security sign-on technology that identifies and In order
to authenticate the entity can use and
certificate-based. Approval. You need to verify that trusted
third-party companies. A combination of authentication factors can help
protect information and response to the threat. Security and building trust,
systemic perspective is required.