Republic Day Speech Essay

Honourable Manager, respectable director, distinguished members of the staff, the Bursar, deputy bursar, Administrative officer, Academic Coordinator senior wing, teaching staff members of both junior and senior wing and my dear students….. It is indeed a joyous occasion where we all have gathered to celebrate our 64th Republic day. The day on which the grand Indian Constitution came into being which is considered to be the real building block of our country and it had declared our country as a secular, democratic, republic nation and laid down the principles of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity for its citizens. India’s progress over the past decades has been phenomenal. It has emerged as a dynamic and influential country on the global front after independence. India today is world’s largest democracy, fourth largest economy and a global leader in science and technology. India’s growing stature in information age enabled it to gain a brand identity.

Launching of a no. of satellites and rockets marked the entity of India into space age. It has mastered modern space technology and its various applications for the benefit of society. Indian space scientists are capable of scaling new heights in the new millennium, even to fly up to the moon’s orbit. But there is an equally convincing data to show that we have been lagging behind in many other areas. There are many critical issues which need to be resolved. We can look at our achievements with pride but at the same time, the substantial issues that our motherland is facing today, the challenges which are the bottleneck and hindrance to its progress , need to be addressed. In the present scenario, a no. of social evils have penetrated into our society which have seemingly taken a toll and are corroding the structure of our nation. Every day we hear about heinous and horrific incidences happening around us which clearly reflect what kind of ethics have woven the fabric of our society. Standard of morality is degrading day by day.

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The aesthetics of our culture and heritage are turning into oblivion and global image of our nation is tarnished. We either outpour our frustration in some or the other form or become immune or apathetic to such situations. We must get out of our chronic habit of criticizing our socio-political system. Transformation of a society depends upon transformation of its people, change in their mindset and attitude. An ideal society cannot be imagined without development of character and strong moral values. We educators must heed to the call of time and take personal responsibility to implant virtues in the tender minds of our children and help them develop beliefs about what is right and what is wrong. Because a child’s education is the foundation from which he or she will be able to go forth out into the world. The path to achieve our goal may be long and difficult but as some philosopher has said- ‘ A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.’

Let this significant day be the right occasion to formulate a real viable plan towards creating a better future society. Dear students, you all are the architect of future society, you will constitute the pillars on which the nation’s edifice will be built tomorrow, and you all are the beacon of hope. Let this Republic Day be dedicated to introspection and self-realisation. Let us focus on the goals that need thorough scrutiny to fit in today’s vision of progress and development. If it does not happen, celebrating our Republic Day will be nothing more than following a ritual. Jai Hind