Reflective Journal – Personalities Essay

It is always intriguing to me when it comes to talk about personality , why would people act so differently on the same subject and what causes it ? I used to wonder a lot about this question , but after getting in touch with psychology , I started to understand the reasons behind . We are born with some personalities , which inherited from our parents , and then we acquired the others through learning and interactions . First , it’s the personalities we inherited from our parents which can be explained by the behavioural genetics .

I have came to know that about 50% of the variations are attributed to the genetic difference , and I think this is why I share similar personalities as my parents . I am quite an emotional person just like my dad , we are both sensitive to small things in our daily life and may easily have emotional upheavals . On the other hand , I also resemble my mother’s carefullness and good time management . I realize that these are some of my characteristics that didn’t changed much throughout my growing , despite different incoming environmental factors .

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And I am now more convinced that it is heritability which plays a key role in determining our personalities . Then I think the second key is the environmental factor . It is undeniable that going to different environment and learning can change our personalities , sometimes circumstances can train ourselves and develop new elements in personalities . Take myself as an example , I was always a member in a group and tend to listen to orders rather than giving one .

However once I went to a tracing game and being the oldest member there , others tend to count on me to give them guides and directions . I therefore try to be the leader and it turned out quite well . I then started to develop my leadership by joining different related activities and now I am quite confident and got used to become a leader in the group . Though my experience may not suit everyone’s case , it still proves that personalities can be trained or brought out by environmental factor .

The chapter on personalities didn’t only help me to understand myself more , it also taught me to be in control of my personalities . I learned that there are actually three levels of personality , namely Id , Ego and Superego ,which means unconscious , preconscious and conscious in other words . Sometimes we may have instinctive and immediate reactions , however if we have right decision-making skills , or even moral and conscious , we can control ourselves from making rush decisions .

In my case , I should be conscious and wise in controlling my emotions . Then keep a clear mind in searching for the right action to take , so that morality can helps to beat my recklessness and kept me from making the wrong decision . These knowledge in psychology is very useful to me indeed , as they are essential in our daily lives and affect people unconsciously . I do hope I can learn more as well as go in-depth in this subject , so that I can acquire more valuable details about this amazing subject .