Reflective by Apple’s products but also by

Journal #1Thesis:
Corporate culture is a significant aspect of modern society.An important concept that I learned
in this module is the importance of corporate culture in modern society and how
it affects not just its employees but the consumers that corporation serve. Before
large businesses existed, there was only the societal culture but in today’s
world, corporations are large enough that their culture has tangible effects on
society.             The idea
that corporate culture is significant in societies across the world is
important because of how many assorted products from the same or different
companies that a typical consumer uses. From cellphones to laptops to entertainment
systems to vehicles, corporations hold value in an individual’s work and
private life. The values that a corporation holds can determine their success
and appeal to a consumer, not just the product. For example, Apple Inc. can be
regarded as one of the most successful companies in history with a market capitalization
of over $850 billion. Apple is also one of the most well-known and influential
companies in history. How could such a young company garner so much profit and
widespread influence? I personally believe it is due to its culture of striving
to think differently and self-entrepreneurship. Many individuals, young and old,
are inspired by Apple’s products but also by how innovative and different the
company is from its competition. They emphasize certain qualities that most
other computer companies do not such as material quality that appeals to the user
and its graphical user interface. The point being that many consumers choose to
support different corporations because of its creed as well as its products. In
the module, I learned about how widespread the culture of Samsung is in the
world, specifically South Korea. I was amazed to learn that there were Samsung
wedding centers and other Samsung venues in South Korea. With so many aspects
of an individual’s life being related to Samsung, it would not be far-fetched
to suggest that most South Koreans depend on Samsung for its quality of living
and are highly exposed to its culture. Essentially, the culture of the company
is the culture of South Koreans. I believe therefore the brunt of the recall
was felt by all South Koreans not just the company. This signifies the importance
of corporate culture in a society.            The concept
of corporate culture is significant to me because if I want to succeed in my
future occupation, I must align myself with the values and mission statement of
that company. Like my father before me, I will be working at Chevron upon
graduation and a value they hold very dear is safety. As an intern, I learned
that the company would rather lose money than to have a workplace injury. A
stellar safety record will show to the world that Chevron cares for its employees
which will boost its reputation and make way for business opportunities.

completion of this module, something I wonder about is the extent of corporate
influence in my own life. I began to ponder this after learning of the
influence that Samsung has in South Korea. Is it ok for companies to have such
influence in my personal life?

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