Reflection Paper Essay

Reflection Paper

            Taking the course has been helpful for me. I learned a lot through this course and it improved my skills and it best suited my major. The course is Principles of Managing Organizations which technically deals with how an individual will manage an organization or company in order to attain success and growth.

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            I learned a lot from this course and I know that it will help me a lot once I graduated and immerse myself in real life situations that needed my expertise. Learning is one of the tools that are needed in life. Without learning we will not be able to function in the society properly and attain our objectives in life. We acquire learning in so many ways such as through experience and through formal education. Formal education is acquisition of learning through systematic form of thoughts and lessons.

            One of the significant learning I have learned in the course is about communication and its importance in organizations. The organizational environment is a place where relationship among members is highly valued. However, the occurrence of problems and conflicts within an organization related to communication is inevitable. Hence, efficient communication is a crucial factor to organizational success. An efficient and effective communication among the members of the organization enhances professionalism, productivity, and better working relationships.

            Communication is one of the common problems of most organizations. It is becoming a barrier to the organizational success. Poor communication involves interpersonal conflict and misunderstanding among members which may occur at various levels. The types and causes of poor and ineffective communication greatly contribute to the way communication affects the organizational environment (Smith, 2003).

            For instance, difficulties resulting from communication problems, such as ineffective relationships and inefficient flow of messages from supervisors and subordinates are detrimental to business operations. Nevertheless, communication problems are dilemmas that are quite easy to solve. There are people who are not born as communicators but they can easily learn the art of communication (Smith, 2003).

            Communication plays significant roles in the organization for it renders outcomes and predicts the behavior of the members. Communication functions and organizing cannot be separated. These two are the principal ingredient of organizational success.

            Describing organizational communication is quite difficult. In order to gain understanding about communication within an organization, one must know the various aspects affecting the communication process such as the flow of information, the effects of culture in the internal and external environment.

In attempting to solve the various communication dilemmas, it is important to understand first and determine the exact source of the communication problem. Before attempting to solve a problem, the difficulties within an organization must also be assessed. Another way to resolve communication problems is to hone one’s communication skills. Managers and supervisors could clearly benefit in honing their communication skills. They will be able to manage their subordinates properly, and properly handle the interpersonal conflicts and misunderstandings among their subordinates.

            In an organization, it is important that the message is clear and can be easily understood by the members. In any kind of business, money and time are two of the most important resources, and as such, a flaw or even small mistakes committed by be equivalent to a significant loss for the company. Hence, employees, especially the managers, should not assume that everyone understands what they said. They should ask whether everything is clear and if further information or explanation is still needed (Smith, 2003).

            It is also important that people provide meaningful feedbacks. Communication is a two-way process, and feedbacks are necessary to achieve effective communication. It is very important that managers and supervisors find the time to conduct meetings and to keep the communication lines open between the superiors and the subordinates, regardless of how busy they are with their workloads. A manager should know what is going on with the company and the difficulties of their subordinates. This can be done in the form regular meetings and informal communication means such as phone calls or instant messages.

            Conflict is inevitable in an organization. And when the conflicts arise from misunderstandings within the group, the managers should try to minimize the impact of the conflict and maintain the productivity of the workplace. However, with an effective communication process, the effects of conflict within an organization can be minimized. One of the elements of effective communication is clarity and precision. For instance, when voicing out complaints, the employees should be specific, as vagueness tends to worsen the problem (Stoppler, 2008). Another element of effective communication is respect. Subordinates should acknowledge the authority of the managers and treat them with respect, in the same way that managers should respect their subordinates and use their authorities within the boundaries of their responsibilities. In an organization, employees should also limit their involvement in issues wherein they are not directly involved or has no direct participation. There is a tendency that other members will further mess up the situation instead of helping in resolving the problem.

Effective communication is vital in every organization and any other institutions. Communication is used to convey important messages and information that are vital to the company. Communication is used to perform transactions and deliberations of important issues and relevant ideas that should be discussed by the whole company. Through effective communication, employees and managers alike will be able to maintain harmonious relationship with co-workers, and the good working relationship will have a positive impact on the company’s overall performance.  A company which has effective communication will also achieve unity and efficiency.


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