Reflection of English 250 Essay

Youssef Kamal English 250 Ashleigh Mills 3 May 2013 Reflection of English 250 After a year of focused work in English 250, I feel that I have developed the skill to articulate what I want to convey to the reader in multiple ways. My strengths as a reader have also definitely improved after reading the material we had this semester. We discussed several different aspects of the English language and spent a good amount of time this semester perfecting our ability to write rhetorical analyses. Doing so allowed us to focus a lot of our time on the WOVE method of communication and become better communicators.

Looking at my most recent paper, the research paper, I think that I have grown at organization and careful flow of thoughts. I used to just begin writing my papers without any plan or organization, but throughout this course we learned that you should base your paper around your thesis statement. The research paper I wrote was on the “The Medias Impact on Your Body Image”. I could have chosen an easier topic to research, considering that the opposing view was pretty controversial, but I felt I had acquired the skills that I needed to really learn and understand this complicated issue.

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Enrolling in this English class, I feel that have furthered my knowledge on current events and what’s going on in the world around me. Another skill I learned from this class was to value my peers and take advantage of my instructor’s office hours. Until this course I’ve only attended a professors office hours once or twice. Throughout the drafting process, it was necessary to have a second pair of eyes critique my work and provide me with feedback of what I may be lacking. Also, I learned to value my peers throughout our presentations as well.

The presentations not only helped me grow as a public speaker, but also as a respectful audience member and listener. I would like to contribute that to the WOVE method of communication as well; not only did the presentations helped me grow in all four departments, but they also helped me become a better listener. A strength I have in English is being able to let ideas flow freely from me. If I really enjoyed a piece of work, I can write about it easily and let whatever I want to say come out through my paper.

I know a lot of people have writers block, and luckily that doesn’t happen often to me very often. Risks I took this year as an English student included writing my advertisement comparison paper and giving a presentation over it in front of the class. I had never written anything like that in my life and it took a lot of courage from me to be able to share my presentation with the class. I liked the format of the writing that I chose and I think in the future I may try to use it again.

Throughout this year I feel I have grown as a writer, a reader, and an active listener in English 250. I thoroughly enjoyed each assignment we had and always looked forward to what new activities Ms. Mills would introduce to us. I will really miss English 250 because I was exposed to a lot of new methods of writing and a lot of new styles of literature, and lets not forget the WOVE method of communication. I really appreciate all the help Ms. Mills has given me over the course of the semester and I hope she thinks that I have improved as well.