References live just to work, but that

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More people are beginning to understand the importance of
traveling. Though traveling is nothing new, and it has a lengthy history behind
it, it is a concept that is becoming more accepted by others. Traveling is
slowly increasing over the years by people of all ages. Though it is the older
generation that still win when it comes to who travels the most. Awareness is
being brought to the dangers of overworking, which is helping that the idea of
taking some time off to enjoy oneself is not as crazy as some may think. It is
important that someone does not live just to work, but that they work to enable
free time to allow themselves to have a life of adventure that is found in
traveling. The world is changing, and young adults are realizing this and using
their free time to enjoy the world around them; hopefully others will too.

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Traveling is something everyone should do. It opens a traveler’s
mind to a different world entirely. To travel is not only to discover new
destinations, but to discover new things about yourself. Before, the benefits
of traveling were mostly about learning about a new culture, or making new
memories. This is true, but it also is so much more. By considering this new
perspective, people can meet themselves for the first time in what has likely
been a long while. Though, getting the traveling bug can cause slacking at
work, so it is something that has to be properly planned out. However, it is
well worth it with each trip that is taken.

 It was not until
recently that the view towards traveling became more accepted, though it is
still not something that people apply in their day to day lives. The fact that
traveling has become a widely more accepted concept is a very positive outcome,
and a step in the right direction. Though it is a more accepted concept, it is
not one that is often put into application as it should be. The step people are
missing when they think about traveling is actually going out and doing the
traveling they have come to accept. People are still waiting until retirement,
or until they are much older. A study conducted through an online survey showed
that 54% of those who travel a minimum of 50 miles for a vacation were part of
the Baby Boomer Generation, or those who are 52 or older (Gelfeld, 2016). So,
despite the acceptance of traveling, the majority who apply it to their lives
is still the older generation.

A cause for why people do not take the time the travel is
because of their job. Times are not always a breeze, and many people will work
an entire day to only earn enough to barely support themselves. No one wants to
continue working this vigorously for the rest of their life, so they work to
gain a position that can allow their lives to be easier; all while still having
the income for daily life. In 2017, Subin P. Nai explained it best when he said
that “You do not come across success just by hoping for it. To achieve true
success, you need the strength of
mind and body to struggle and work hard to reach your fullest potential.”  This is also the mentality
that many others take on as well. To be successful is the ultimate end goal of
most hard-working citizens. However, an effect of working too hard could be
deadly. In the 2015 article, Only the
Overworked Die Young, John Ross explains that in a recent study, it was
found that “those who worked more than 55 hours per week had a 13% greater risk
of a heart attack, and were 33% more likely to suffer a stroke, compared with
those who worked 35-40 hours per week.” So, to only work is not the answer to
success either, but instead could jeopardize ones work further than if they had
taken the time for a small vacation.

Traveling is what has helped to bring the world to where it
is today. When the Europeans began traveling, their original goal was to spread
Christianity. These Europeans traveled in hopes to reclaim the “Holy Lands.”
Though this conquest for land was eventually given up, and the Europeans
settled mostly in Spain and Portugal. Later, the enticing items of silk and
spices peaked the desire for trade between the East and West. One of the
popular routes for merchants transporting these goods was referred to as the
“Silk Road.” Finally, the nations began a quest for dominance, which evidently
led to the discovery of current day America by Christopher Columbus in 1492 (Kennedy
& Cohen, 2013). Since there was a need for travel to these reasons, it
paved the road for future reasons to develop easier ways to travel. With
traveling being easily accessible to everyone, new reasons for traveling were
born. Though many are still required to travel for work, or to complete country
purchases from one another, many are now able to travel for leisure.

Whether it is the sound of crashing waves against the sandy surface
of a tropical beach that bring a person joy, or if it is that of the
breathtaking view of Machu Picchu as the fog of the mountains dance across the
surface of the deteriorating buildings. When it comes to traveling, there is
something for everyone; for each place is uniquely its’ own, and thus holds
different things to be explored. The mindset of most individuals today is
focused solely on climbing up the economic, or social, ladder. Employees work a
job only to earn an income to support themselves, and to work towards the next
big promotion. If someone has not conformed to this daily living, it is
expected that they be in school, working so they can join everyone else in the
daily grind. Those who work solely to live and live just to work should instead
spend their free time traveling to bring new light to their everyday life.

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