Racial profiling in school. Which is why

                                        Racial profiling, it happens to many minorities. It is a big social topic that is in many places of the world. But one very important target in racial profiling is education. The case Brown V. Board of education (1954) played a big factor in quality education for all students no matter what race. Unfortunately, 50 years later we still se racial profiling in school. Which is why racial profiling should still be monitor on todays education system because schools ares till singling out students of color. This is bad because they take away their future and chances to  succeed in school and live a better life.            When it comes to education, racial profiling is a big problem because educators do not expect much when it come to students of color. Therefore, students of color have less expectations of themselves, which can lead to them not succeeding as much as the other students and even dropping out. In the article “It Stops Today: Racial profiling in the classroom” by Rachel Metz (2014) stated, “But their implicit bias caused them to set a lower bar for their black students, and by doing so hindered their growth.” Therefore, many color students do not perform as well in the classroom as the other students, because they don’t have that push and motivation white students receive. This can reduce the chances of a colored student going to a good college because their test scores don’t compare to the white students because of the lack of attention educators give them. In the article, “In New York City Schools Racial Profiling and Discrimination Starts Young” by Beatriz Beckfords (2016) wrote, “more than 800 kindergartens through second graders were suspended from school. Not only are these children only approximately 5-7 years-old, but they are disproportionately black and Hispanic” This sparks something in a color students brain from a young age that their not expected to do well at school which makes them think it’s fine and can later cause bigger problems.            When students aren’t motivated by their educators to be a better student, it makes them lose focus in school and that often feeds school-to-prison pipeline. For example, in the article, “How Profiling in Schools Feed the School-to-Prison Pipeline” by Caitlin Curley stated, “Minority children aren’t just more likely to be punished – they are more likely to be punished than a white child who expresses the same behavior and commits the same infractions.”  This causes students to drop out or do bad things outside of school because even though colored student’s behavior at school is the same as white students they get punished more because of their race. Which causes them to actually do bad things outside of school and dropping out and in the long run can cause some to go to prison. In addition, in the article, “School-to-Prison-Pipeline: An Evaluation of Zero Tolerances Policies and their Alternatives” by Rocio Rodriguez Luiz wrote, “Zero tolerance policies—regulations that require specific punishments for outlined student misbehaviors, many times without accounting for the unique circumstances of an incident—are one of the school-to-prison pipeline main contributors.” Therefore, with the punishments that the zero tolerance police give to students of color educators are pushing them more to the prison system.  It all starts from school, and it is the educators purpose to push the student to right path no matter the race.            School is a place where students should be able to feel accepted and feel safe unlike the world outside of school. For instance, in the article “Yes, U.S Schools Still Discipline Students Based on their Race” by Libelson Dana (2014) wrote, “One district, for example, booted more black students than white students to the alternative school, even though both groups had committed a similar number of offenses… and students of color are punished at higher rates.” Educators need to create a safe environment for students and help them go the right direction, but instead they expel or suspend them. Also, teachers want to find any little excuse to expel them to not have overcrowded classrooms. Dana also states, “whereby a combination of overcrowded classrooms, inadequate resources, and zero-tolerance policies force kids out of school and into the justice system.” School is pushing students of color out of the education system because of overcrowded classrooms and resources. They use minority students as a solution to the problem. The schools are racial profiling students just like the outside world when school is supposed to be a place to learn and accept every student no matter the race.     Minority students can have a bright and educated future, it all starts from school, but how can they, if school is racial profiling them and making them feel like they cant have the same future as their other classmates. For example, in the article “Yes, U.S Schools Still Discipline Students Based on their Race” by Libelson Dana (2014) stated, “that schools also currently have a strong incentive to kick out students, rather than give them second chances.” Minority students aren’t given chances to succeed in school and do better on their tests because they get kicked out for every little thing they do wrong. This means that they don’t attend classes to learn what is being taught and when they do many of them get kicked out again. Even though their other classmates are behaving the same way they are, they do not get the same punishment. For instance, in the article, “How Profiling in Schools Feeds the School-to-Prison Pipeline” by Caitlin Curley (2016) stated, “Minority children aren’t just more likely to be punished – they are more likely to be punished than a white child who expresses the same behavior and commits the same infractions.” Therefore, when a student is punished one way or another they are taken out of class and they miss the lecture. Since minority students are punished more their other classmates get to stay in class and learn, even though they committed the same offense as a minority students. This is why students of color don’t do well on tests, because they are always going to the office and being punish for every offense they do. Also because students are being sent to the office, teachers have less students in the class and gives them a chance to focus more on their other students.Therefore, this makes white students succeed more and get a better score on tests than students of color. Minority students are always being targeted in school, this is why they have no chance in succeeding at school.    Lastly, law enforcement in schools is another factor of racial profiling in education. In many schools there is police officers, who are there to keep the students safe from all harm and the outside world. But many times not only are educators racial profiling students of color but police officers are too, and they can come between minority students, their education and future. For example in the article, “Police in schools: Keeping kids safe, or arresting them for no good reason” by Emma Brown (2015) wrote, “The first time a lot of black and brown children experience police violence is in a school building. The first place that our children learn to fear police, learn they’re controlled instead of empowered, is in a school building, said Brittany Packnett.” Officers are supposed to be there to protect the students and make the school feel safe, but instead they are bringing violence into school by mistreating the students. Therefore, students become afraid to attend school because they don’t want to be the next victim. This is a problem because many students will drop out of school, a place where they’re supposed to feel safe and learn is targeting them instead. Also, Brown wrote, “math teacher, who called for help after a female student disrupted the class and refused to leave. The student had been using a cellphone against school rules, according to Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott.” Later Emma stated that the students refused, therefore the police officer put her in a headlocked and dragged the female student across the classroom. Officers treat students of color like real criminals,when in reality these students offences aren’t hurting anyone or causing a threat to the school and the students safety. These students do not commit crimes, they only refuse to put their cell phone away. Minority students aren’t the only ones using their phone in class, but yet students of color are the only ones getting physically hurt by officers.    Everything that minority students go through at school impacts them in a bad way because of all the traumatic experiences they’ve experienced. Educators and police officers need to be properly trained when it comes to dealing with all students. For instance, in the Article, “The role of law enforcement in schools: The Virginia experience- a practitioner report” by Steven Clark (2011) wrote, “Many officers had difficulty communicating and interacting with students, and there were conflicts with school administrators about authority and management issues.” Therefore,every school staff weather its teachers or officers need to be go through a training process for minority students won’t be traumatized and give up school by surrounding them with a safe and positive environment.They need to start by earning students respect and build a relationship in order to help minority students succeed in their education and overall life. By doing this students will be motivated to study and succeed in school and there will be less dropouts, and will lead to students of color succeeding and changing things around for the better.    As shown above overall, racial profiling in school needs to stop because that is where racial profiling starts from school. And that later transitions to the real world and becomes a society issue. Minority students can succeed and have a better future for themselves and family  just like their other classmates.But they have to  be given the chance to even learn, they are targeted and are turned to criminals by society. All thing considered, racial profiling can stop overall not only in education but it all starts from school.