Questions to restaurateur Essay

·         Will it serve as all restaurant, nightclub and bar or just restaurant?

·         Tell us about the demographics in the neighborhood? (it is important because it helps in knowing the design features that can help designing a memorable and unique image)

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·         What type of food will be served (as interior design should be designed to match and support the food concept)?

·         What is the location (interior design style should relate to the particular location)?

·         What particular theme should be established?

·         What kind of climate does that particular location has (sunny warm, cold or humid)? As the selection of colors and furnishes look and work better differently in different climates.

·         How much space do you have?

·         What type of activities will be happening within the space and how much sq-ft each activity requires?

·         How do these activities will be related to one another?

·         What market do you want to reach?

·         When the customers come to the restaurant? ( is there any particular time)

·         What is so unique that you want to open a restaurant?

·         What is special that will draw the customers to your restaurant?

·         What type of restaurant do you want or plan to build?

·         Do you have any preference for kind of lighting, kind of colors that should be used in furniture, walls and ceilings?

·         Do you have any preference for the material to be used for floor (tiled, stone, etc)?

·         Is there any preference for the material to be used for the furniture?

·         Is there any preference for the type of materials for accessories (natural materials like wooden candlesticks, fossil stone etc) and for the colors (of throw rugs colors, table décor, centerpieces, etc)?

·         Is there any preference to build any particular type of atmosphere (French country style, Italian, classic country, village, vintage, etc.)?

·         Is there any liking for architectural elements that should be there in the space (depending upon the clientele as different people like different kinds of spaces)?

·         What realistic goal do you have as a new restaurateur?

·         Where do you want to lead your customers?

·         How does the staff will be related to the clientele?

·         Does your restaurant also have any restaurant marketing plan?