Question Answers Essay

Question Answers

In the first question, the first thought a person would have is that a bird would not be able to fly 100 miles per hour.  No bird has been recorded to fly at that rate and in logical analysis the scenario would be impossible. If however the bird was able to fly that fast, the trains would take one hour to meet and with that knowledge, the bird going at 100 miles per hour, would fly 100 miles.

The first thought is to attempt to use mathematical reasoning to solve the problem.  This would involve computing the formula out to find the missing variable.  This however is unsolvable as anything that goes on infinitely would not come out to the even number of two.

In this case there would be more wine in the beer glass or glass B than beer in glass A.  The reason for this would be that a whole teaspoon of wine was taken from the wine glass and then mixed into the beer glass.  Then when a teaspoon was taken from the beer cup to put back in the wine cup, it would be a mixture of beer and wine and not a full teaspoon of beer.

This question was very difficult to analyze.  The ten points arranged in any placement failed to provide enough points to allow five straight lines to all have four points between them, unless the points were all in a straight line and the five lines overlapped each other in one long straight line.  Upon further analysis of the question, however, the question did not state that the five lines had to be straight.  With this new information a number of possibilities were presented, as the points could be placed in a number of positions for curved lines to be drawn through.

The first reasoning in this problem is to work through all possible things they could have in common.  The first thing is to consider the number of letters in each word to see if they increased by any incremental numbers.  The second step would be to look at the letters in the words to compare if there are any strange spellings that the words have in common.  Additionally studying the meanings of the words would indicate any commonalities between the words.  None of these proved to solve the mystery of what the words had in common.

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Obviously neither of the pieces of wood is long enough to reach across the mote individually.  The question does not state whether there are any nails or a hammer available to put the pieces of wood together, but in most environments some vines at least can be found to fasten the boards together.  In this situation the best way to do it would be to fasten the two pieces of wood together one on top of each other.  The ends would need to be offset slightly by to have one foot of wood extended beyond the other at each end.  This would make the bridge approximately eleven feet long and could be easily stretched from the ground on one side to ground on the other without the need to touch the water, unless the person falls off the bridge while going across it.

There is no way to make four triangle by placing the sticks apart, however when four sticks are placed together to form a square and the other two placed diagonally across each other to form an “X” and placed in the middle of the square, four perfectly even triangles are formed.