Queering the Campus, Loud and Clear (Barbarow, 2005) Essay

Queering the Campus, Loud and Clear (Barbarow, 2005)

The term wallflower is used literally to refer to the state in which the writer though she knew everything that was happening around her, she had to choose to stand in the background as she listened to the voices around her. However, after becoming aware of herself, she becomes vocal in disputing the essence of being introvert. She also becomes a centre of attention from even those who does not know her.

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A community plagued by invisibility and silence is used to refer to the college community which provided no opportunity or platform for self expression therefore students were rarely noticed. In this community, nobody cared about the affairs of the other

Tacit acceptance refers to a personal unspoken reception. The writer rejects this because on her view, passivity and ignorance of issues such as lack of safety in public places and right to marry can lead to a queer behavior such as being branded as gay bisexual, transgender, lesbians gay, queer or intersex.

Queer people are associated with antisocial behaviors such as lesbianism, intersexuality, being gay, bisexual, trans-sexuality, transgendered. Queer people are classified in accordance to their sexual orientation though some may not follow any of this classification.

In her view, sexuality refers to the sexual, emotional and romantic attractions of a person while sexual orientation is a form of personal identification. Primarily, sexuality relates to the sexual attractions while sexual orientation is dependent on the gender one is attracted to this gives rise to gay, lesbians or even bisexuals.

Sex is assigned at birth and is biological which defines one whether one is a male or female. On the other hand, gender relates to the social role of a person that is subject to either masculine or feminine traits that exhibit themselves in a person. This distinction helps in understanding the expectations bestowed on him or her in respect to his or her sex.

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