Quarterly Sales Essay

Quarterly Sales

The characteristics of the audience that I will consider when presenting the information at a quarterly sales function include the knowledge level of the audience regarding the relevant product. By considering this concept, I will ensure that the audience is getting my points correctly and that the information I will be talking about will be of importance to them. Another characteristic that I will consider is the interest level of the audience towards the topic (Barker & Angelopulo, 2005). Reflecting on this issue will enable me to make sure that I am giving the audience information which is not only beneficial to them, but also the right information which is relevant to the meeting. In addition, the language skills of the audience is another characteristic which I will seriously consider to make sure that everyone in the meeting  properly understands the nature of information that I am trying to put forward.

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Age of the audience will be another important characteristic to consider since different age brackets are attracted by different products. I will thus have to know how to pass my message for all attendees to feel comfortable in the meeting. This means that if the information that I will be giving is attractive to the youth or young people, I will have to politely explain to the old people that that information is for the youth so the old people do not have to worry

Another characteristic to consider while delivering my speech will be sex since I will have to be gender sensitive when presenting my arguments and delivering my presentations. This will ensure that everyone is pleased with the manner in which I will be conducting myself since men and women are different psychologically, neurologically and even emotionally.

The informational requirements of the audience will be the most important characteristic for me to consider. This is because meeting will obviously be composed of different people who will be having different themes of coming to the meeting. Taking care of informational requirements will thus ensure that everyone in the meeting has been satisfied. Any existing Special needs of the audience will be another characteristic I will consider. This is essential because some people may be having different physical complications. I will thus make sure that even if I have not performed to their full satisfaction, I have not rendered their presence at the meeting unnecessary, hard, or complex. Lastly, I will consider the specific role each one in that meeting plays especially within the cycle of the product. I will also respect everyone’s views.

One of the communication channels which I have considered appropriate is the face to face verbal communication. This is because the audience immediately receives the message being conveyed or passed to them. In addition, the audience can request for clarification if they have not clearly understood or got the message which has been passed to them. The face to face verbal channel of communication is also appropriate because some things or issues which the audience does not understand well can be presented to them practically so that they can understand well.

Given the audience diversity, some of the things I would keep in mind include participation and interpretation. I will then organize myself on how I will pass my messages and interpret them for every one in the meeting to get my concept and understand it. I will also consider about the audience differentiation and know how. This aspect will determine how I will explain the complex issues which some of the members of the audience might not understand comprehensively (Ruscher, 2001). I will thus make sure that everyone is satisfied with the proceedings of the meeting. I will also take into mind the competence differentials of the members of the audience. This is because the meeting will be composed of different people. In addition, some people may be having an idea of the concepts of what I am trying to explain while others will be having no hint of my subject.  It will thus be my role to make sure that everyone in the meeting is getting every thing being told in the meeting. Regarding this issue, I will have to employ all means possible. I will also think about the phenomena of the meeting and decide whether there will be a need of carrying some diagrams for presenting clear explanations of what I will be talking about.

I will ensure my message is effective by employing a number of strategies. Firstly, I will use a simple language which every one in the meeting will understand. In addition, I will even use practical examples to make the meeting interesting for every one. Conversely, I will also be asking questions to the audience so that I can make them to be part of the discussion. Asking the audience questions will as well assist me to determine if they are getting what I am trying to tell to them. I will also give the audience a chance to ask me questions about the topic I will be talking about so as to ensure that they are conversant with what I am talking about.


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