Quality Physical Education Program and Healthy Lifestyle Essay

Quality Physical Education Program


            Health is no doubt a wealth and different measures should be taken in order to achieve a healthy life style. By having a healthy life style, it is meant that the person should be fit in all aspects. For being healthy people used to take care of their diet, routines and activities but it is a proven fact that for having a healthy life style and then maintaining that life style, it is necessary to have physical activities in the daily life. The physical activities help a lot in avoiding many different diseases that can be caused if the person is lazy and not indulged in to any of the activities. It can be simply said that physical activities can greatly endorse the healthy life style. In past, it can be seen that people used to do exercises, walks and other activities for managing their health and for achieving healthy life style but now the trend of physical education programs is getting common. The physical education programs play a great role in making the people to understand the importance of health and healthy life style.

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These physical education programs are aimed to provide the guidelines of being healthy for the entire life and also these programs provide the tips for fitness. These physical education programs are being arranged at very high levels and separate institutes have also been developed for promoting the physical education programs and for providing the people with healthy life styles. People should take part in these physical education programs so that the people can build up healthy and sound habits as well as routines which will definitely guarantee their future goodness. It is no doubt very much essential to take part in the physical education programs for meeting the physical needs of the today’s world. The people those are responsible for giving the physical education should make their students to realize that health is a blessing. (Green, 2005)

Statement of Problem

            In this paper the main focus of study is to find out that ‘whether the quality physical education programs can play a role in leading towards a healthy life or not?’ and this is basically the statement of our research. For achieving the objective of the research, the need and importance of physical education programs has been analyzed in depth. The role of the physical education programs has been thoroughly examined to find out that how it can improve the lifestyle and how it can guide the people to remain healthy throughout their lives.

Quality Physical Education Programs

            It has been discussed that the physical health education programs are very much essential for the life of any person. The quality education programs provide many different advantages to the life of a person. These advantages include healthy life style, fitness, activeness and development of a person. At first, the quality physical programs were given no importance but now people have felt the need of healthy life style. It can be observed in any developed country that the famous and important personalities of the country are engaged with these programs and try to improve their life style. These quality health programs are destined to provide their students with the guidelines that may allow them to understand the fact that physical activities are very necessary for the development of health. The physical education programs are getting so much importance in many countries that these programs have been included into the elementary schools so that not only adults but children should also know that what activities can make them to lead a healthy life. Only the development of such a program is not the only thing to achieve but the basic thing is to achieve the quality in these programs so that the students can be able to find out that what can be beneficial for their health and what can bring harm to their health. The quality physical education programs are responsible for cheering the students to up bring within them the activities that can make them healthier and can also ensure their future fitness. The quality physical education programs want to train their students in order to meet the requirements of the time. These programs are designed so that the students are provided with the healthy life style that can make them to live longer by avoiding diseases. Different kinds of sports, exercises and other physical activities are taught to the students that will help them to maintain the fitness level. The quality physical education programs not only guides the students about leading a healthy life but it also makes them to get the link of healthy life style and quality physical education programs. (Kirk, 2006)

Physical Activities that can help in Promoting Healthy lifestyles

            The basic aim of developing the quality physical education programs is to introduce and bring in front, the activities that can make the student develop a sense of understanding about the fitness and health. There are many activities that are taught by the educators in the physical education programs; these activities may include games, walk and exercises that can provide knowledge about the health and fitness and also about maintaining the health and fitness. These activities actually intend to develop the sense in the students about the activities that can enhance the life style of the person. Many different tests are prepared for the students and are carried out to find out that what is the approach of the students towards the health and fitness? The teachers mainly focus over developing the skills such as confidence and competence within the students so that the students can work out for maintaining their health without any hesitation and also compete with the people who are having healthier life styles as compared to their own. Apart from games, dance and aerobics are also the activities that are being taught to the students of quality physical education programs. The games, dance and aerobics are the activities that create the feeling of competition among the students and they accept and then try to achieve different challenges. This feeling definitely makes the students physically fit and active. These activities also keep the students away from the huge problems such as obesity which is a very common problem existing almost everywhere. The students should also be taught to put together the skills and the concept of healthy life style. It is recommended that the trainers in these institutes should make their students to perform more and more physical activities and remain healthier. The activities for improving the life style and bringing it towards the healthier side should include all kinds of internal as well as external activities. For having a healthier lifestyle, only physical activities are not enough but mental activities should also be included. Before putting the students in to the competition, it is necessary to work out over the students and develop the skills first. It is also necessary that the students should be allowed to make choice that what kind of activity they are comfortable with. The syllabus of the quality physical education programs should be developed by using great care and the trainers should also instruct their students in an effective way. If the trainer is not able to make their students understand the concepts then no matter how string the program is structured, there will be no benefit out of it. It is necessary that every activity should have some clear purpose and the activities should be chosen for some particular reason. The instructors should always try to make the students to learn and should not only aim for making the students to take interest in to the activities. Hence the programs for providing quality physical education seem to be simpler but these programs need special attention while they are being established. (Ballard, 2004)

Resurgence of Physical Education

It was back in the twentieth century the physical education, it was recommended that it is time when the status of physical education from being a second class profession emerged as resurgence and be a first class profession. It has been scientifically proven that physical activities surge as a source to promoting a healthy lifestyle as well as protects individuals from diseases. A quality physical education is that which provides us with the opportunity to help all the children learn the different physical activities, which not only helps them learn our experiences but also remains with them for a prolonged period or may be even for a lifetime. For the physical education to reach a position in the society there was a need to do better documentation by the professionals, and also provide the best possible knowledge to the outside world regarding quality physical education by keeping in mind present and future participations by the children.

It has been observed from several researches that quality of education has been increasing levels of physical activity, improving the self-conceptualization; motivation has been increasing, and women has increase their physical activities. Physical activity has played a major role in health of an individual and scientists have extensively stated all well beings on how the physical activity is important in the health of public. In addition we can say this that as physical activity plays a vital role in an individual’s health in daily life, the relationship between both the physical activity and physical education is significant. So, we can relate physical activity of an educated person as a mainframe to perform his daily needs or tasks with more zeal, which is due to the activities performed by him/her in his/her daily life. (Masurier, 2006)

Need for Quality Physical Education

The main purpose of our research is to state inclination of activities in youths and adults by quality of physical education. Following are some reasons by which we can understand why there is a need for quality physical education for the young generation as well as the adults:

1.                  Regular Physical Activity Helps Prevent Disease

It has been documented by scientists that physical activity in an individual’s daily life helps prevent diseases. Also these documents are supported by Surgeons and Medical Officers that by living a sedentary life one can suffer from chronic diseases such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, cancer, and many others. While having a physical activity helps prevent these chronic diseases, which pamper to infect our society. Moreover it has also been proved that physical activity helps to perk up unaffected functions and also helps in relieving the symptoms such as asthma and arthritis. Also chronic diseases are not only found in the adults these days. It is also evident in the young generation which is due to lack of physical activities in the childhood. If at a young age a person sets up his daily schedule in which he engages himself physically can lead him to a healthy life even in old age, and he will carry this physical activity in later part of his life. In this way the risk of suffering from a disease is reduced and he can lead a healthy life. By quality of education one can endure a healthy lifestyle. Physical programs meet the requirements of the people by providing everyone with quality education. (Masurier, 2006)

2.                  Regular Physical Activity Promotes Lifetime Wellness

In order to improve the quality standard of life is main mechanism for being equivalent to living a healthy life. If a person is living a life with good health, it is referred to as wellness. It not only accounts for the adults but also for the youths. Persons who evaluate themselves by making health related adjustments to their life lead a quality life as compared to others. It has also been quoted that an active person has less chances of being anxious or depressed than an inactive person. There are also a number of other ways in which an active person can function better than an inactive person by his positive attitude, which is due to his better self esteem. An active person can produce results much efficiently to those compared to an inactive person. In the children’s physical activity acts in relation to self esteem which produces positive results. (Masurier, 2006)

3.                  Quality Physical Education can help Fight Obesity

The number of persons suffering from obesity is quite high, and due to this it’s also been termed as an epidemic disease. This is majorly due to the lack of wellness and chronic diseases which has surrounded our environment. All this can be rectified by means of quality physical education, which will help the mankind to fight against this disease which is causing a state of depression all over. Obesity is majorly caused due to less energy expenditure. There is a need of circulating physical knowledge to the youths in order to decrease percentage of persons suffering from obesity. A non obese child is more likely to complete his tasks with more zeal than a person suffering from obesity. Obesity suffering persons are more likely to suffer from psychosocial and psychiatric problems. All this can be stopped by means of physical education as it reaches every child. (Masurier, 2006)

4.                  Quality Physical Education teaches Self-Management and Motor Skills

The main task which is physical education provides is making a person manage his own tasks by using his skills. By these skills we mean by self management skills which when adopted by youth, he can manage his tasks more efficiently by managing his day to day activities. This includes managing his tasks in such a way that he can accomplish his tasks effectively and while proceeding towards adulthood he can set up his own tasks or goals and then strive to achieve those goals. Apart from providing self management skills, physical education’s another important task is to provide motor skills. This enables a person to indulge in physical activities which will add up in his life and move side by side. (Masurier, 2006)

5.                  Physical Activity and Physical Education promote Learning

Recently it was observed that when a person is physically active, he can accomplish goals more efficiently and the outcome is positive overall. So another task that co-relates physical activity and physical education is the outcome of academic achievements. It was documented that the quality of physical education has positive effects on education, which achieves higher grades.

Observing all the above reasons we can come to a conclusion that the relationship between physical education and physical activity brings upon positive effects, which nurture an individual’s life. (Masurier, 2006)

Research Methodology

            The methodology that we are going to apply for this research should be selected by keeping in mind that what is appropriate for your goal or project. It is because depending on different kind of goals and projects different kind of methodology can be used. In some of the projects the suitable methodology is to do surveys and get the opinions of different people from different categories and then making analysis. There are some types of projects that need experiments in order to find out the best solution as there is no detailed work already did on that particular topic previously. But for our dissertation the methodology of observation and analysis is appropriate and most suitable to use. This is a research based topic and we have to look in depth about the usage of quality physical education programs in providing the healthy lifestyles. We will analyze by observing the methods of past and present and will make comparisons and will find out that whether the use of physical education programs in improving the health is suitable or not. The methodology of observation and analysis will allow us to look in the past and it will also allow us to judge that what will be the future of the health with quality physical education programs and without these programs. The approach of observation allows you to perform deep study and research work in less time as there are many sources where the information is already provided and you just have to use that information in to your research work as we did. In this dissertation we have used secondary data that was the work already done by other people and we accessed those sources through websites, books, online professional journals and also the academic journals. The only disadvantage in doing the observation is that some times it may take a long time to get the appropriate result. But for out study we got the appropriate stuff early and there were no such problems of wastage of time and so on. (4 types of research methods, n.d)

            This work is based on qualitative research as the qualitative research is very much broad area and it is a methodology that can take a lot with in it.  It includes the use of the huge amount of data that is already available about that particular topic and can be used for proving the hypothesis or research question true. Qualitative research gives much more details therefore this type of research has been used in this report. It depends on colleting, analyzing and then compiling the data and the data is based on the general view of the people or the majority of the people. It does not go for the measurement and colleting the statistics of the people. Instead of statistics and measurement this research dissertation is based on the meaning, concepts and definitions of the things and topic. It is an exploratory report and it does not involve any type of survey and questionnaire. It was suitable research methodology as it is not an expensive way to conduct the research. And it also gives a lot of details regarding the topic of our interest. (Qualitative and quantitative research, n.d)

Secondary data has been used for this research report. For this the proper research method would be secondary research as it is a vest project and it requires time to get completed and instead of taking that much time it would be a right choice to use the research and work that has been done by others previously.  If such data is used then it will take less time but can provide you a very detailed analysis that can lead to the most proper result and conclusion. Secondary research mostly includes the data that has been gathered for some survey or that has been already gathered by some one for developing any research report and so on. The sources of information in this method can be the web sources, books, research papers, academic journals and professional journals. There are many benefits of using the secondary data in the research as you can also observe the readings from the past as well. It is difficult to develop a research with out using the secondary data. Obviously the data gathered before can play a great role in performing the research and also exploring the topic. (Secondary data collection, n.d)

Sources of Secondary Data used in the Research Project

            As it has been discussed earlier that secondary data includes the data and information that has been collected by someone else and is available for further usage. This data that has been used in our study has not been originally developed by our own but it has been collected from different sources. The data can be collected from some internal sources as well as from some external sources. We also have used both the sources. We have made surveys of different schools and other institutes that are established to provide physical education in order to find out what is the usage of technology in to the profession of teaching and what the effects of physical education programs are over health care. Both the positive as well as negative effects are judged so that the improvements can be suggested for future. For gathering this information we have used different web sites, journal papers, academic journals, professional journals and books that have been written previously for some other reason but we found them very much useful in our research. We have used a great deal of web sources and internet has helped a lot in completing our research objectives. We also have used the statistics and census made by different companies and writers in our research. This type of information is very much useful because we have saved a lot of time and cost while have gathered a huge amount of data regarding this research.  (What are the secondary sources of data collection for research, n.d)

Significance of the Study

            The study that has been conducted by this paper is no doubt of very much importance because if we observe the literature that has been given in this paper, then it is quite evident that physical education programs can do a lot in improving the lifestyle of any person. The quality education programs helps in making the lives healthier and healthy life is a blessing. These programs create the feeling of competition and confidence among the students. The activities that are included in these programs not only make the person active in terms of physical activities but also it enhances the mental capabilities of a person. The physical education programs allow the people to understand the concepts of health and fitness. Various tests and assessments are taken so that the concepts of the students can get clearer. Physical activities are very much effective for improving the health of a person. The physical education programs are also required in making the people to understand the relation between the physical activities and the healthy life style. The physical education programs helps in making the people to get enough knowledge about the activities that can make the life healthier and obviously this knowledge helps a lot in improving the life style of a person. Obviously the physical and mental activities contribute a lot in making a person active and active living is basically healthy living. The life style can be improved when a person is healthy so in this regard the significance of quality physical education programs cannot be denied. For this reason these programs are being arranged in almost every developed country and people are taking interest in joining these programs. But still it is recommended that the people who do not have got benefits out of these programs should join and make themselves healthier. (Healthy people 2000, 2004)


            The thorough analysis of this research report makes it quite clear that the quality education of physical activities is very much essential in making the life healthy as well as in improving the life style of a person. This paper focuses over the quality physical education programs and describes the purpose of these programs. It has been clearly stated that these programs are aimed to develop the skills like confidence and competence and it also makes the people to understand the concepts of healthier life style. Different activities like games, aerobics, exercise, walk and dance can be used to enhance the physical interests of a person. But it has also made clear that only physical activities are not enough for making life healthy instead mental activities are also necessary. For creating the understanding of the healthier life style in the people it is not necessary to have a physical education program only but it is also necessary that the program should meet the quality level. The curriculum of the program should be established with great care and concentration. Physical experts should be involved in developing the program and choosing the activities. Obviously for developing a quality program it is necessary that only selected activities should be included and also the students should be allowed to choose the activity according to their skill level. All the students have different skill levels so it is the responsibility of the instructor to guide their students in the proper direction and does not treat all the students as if they are having the same skill level. Hence this study has proven the fact that in today’s world it is necessary to establish the quality physical education programs and these programs should be joined for the assistance of having a healthier life style.


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