Quality Improvement Plan Essay

Quality Improvement Plan

a.                   What would be your first step (Fishbone Diagram, PDCA, etc.) to accomplish this goal?

The fact is that there has been unusually large number of Giardia cases in the facility, and there is need for reports so that necessary analysis can be carried out, plans set and action taken to militate against the tide. The task begins with evaluating current cases: the entrance pathway into the facility means of spread and transmission betweens humans, involvement of other organisms that act as vectors, and also the cycle it undertakes to unleash its deleterious effects on the population.  The information then encompasses the natural history of the organism, its peculiarity in this environment, clinical presentations of the reported cases, plausible treatment modalities. The emphasis is to evaluate current management policies and how it can be modified to forestall health in the facility.

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b.                  What type of additional information would support your role of providing information?  The primary and secondary health institutions in the facility would have substantial data on prevalent cases, and form major bank of information.  If some complicated cases have been reported to the tertiary institutions, it becomes important to sort data from there. The emphasis is to evaluate the disease history from multidisciplinary approach, particularly from the team of health care workers what would have been involved in such management.

Are there any community resources you need or interviews to conduct?  Definitely, it is inevitable to get more data from the locals. This would take the form of interviews of patients and their families, local heads and paramedics.

What documents will you review? Case files, natural biology of Giardia, recent management of Giardia, preventive measures…primary, secondary and tertiary.

c.                   What types of visualization tools such as Cause and Effect Diagrams, Storyboards, or Pareto Charts, would help the committee evaluate this issue?  List at least two tools.  Support your answer.

Cause and effect diagrams are invaluable in the committee analysis of this case. Its analytical skills are better adapted to quickly evaluate the increasing trend and the concomitant effect it has on the health institutions. Pareto charts are also useful as they give a graphical relationship between data, the relative importance between them; this would help to compare existing conditions with standard expectations in the natural history, management and epidemiology of the disease cases reported. The Control is one of the basic analysis tools that is also useful.

This reference is invaluable.