Providing was modified several times to check

Providing learning material to students seeks more efficient technology to better manage and support decision-making procedures or assist them to set new strategies and plan for a better management of the current processes. The Progress of the student’s educational goal can be measured and tested through tests, the degree of understanding and other forms of measurements. However, the progress varies as different kind of students may have a different level of performance achievement.

Due to digitization and effective use of Computers, IT technologies, all educational organizations, institutions and universities have generated and stored large data in their databases 7. This data can be a key source for futuristic decision-making processes if it is being processed through academic analytics.

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These databases contain hidden information for improvement of students’ performance.

However, the increasing number of students’ data becomes hard to be analyzed by using

traditional statistic techniques and database management tools. Thus, data mining methods are required to extract the useful information.

Data Mining can help institutions of higher education to make more effective decisions as to improve the quality of instruction and to predict the students’ performance.

A closed questionnaire with predefined answers was used for data gathering. The questionnaire was modified several times to check the understanding of a specific topic the student. It was tested on the subset of students after every revision. Dataset values for correct/incorrect questions were coded like +10 or -10. Other numerical codes are given in the range 1, 2, 3, … maximum depending upon the number of correct answers given and for each incorrect answer, the degree of understanding value is decreased by a value of -1,- 2,-3….-10.

Initially, review of literature has been taken to find out across the sphere, what other

researchers have done and had discussions with educationalist.

So, the major objective of this project is to propose a Data Mining model for finding out the degree of understanding of a student and providing desired content with a questionnaire that will help for the upliftment of students learning capabilities.