Professional interview dental Essay

Professional Interview Paper
It’s a humbling experience for one to be able to do what they love for a living. For others, this love might be Nursing, Engineering, Art and so forth. For me I found this love in teeth, literally I encourage people to have clean teeth no matter what because it’s one of the most important things on one’s body. After conducting the professional interview, all topics conversed during the interview gave answers to what I really wanted to know. That’s the reason why I have yearned to be part of a field as Dental.

First and foremost, the flexibility of the job and the pay were two main factors I chose to be in the Dental field. It’s easy for one to be a full or part time employee in the dental field which makes it easier for one to work around the clock. My first impression of the position was a sense of excitement, because every time I see a dentist, dental hygienist/assistant on the job, it makes my zeal level increase just because I can’t wait to be a part of them. After having the interview with Mrs. Karnes it made me even want it more because of how sophisticated her personality and answers were, for she spoke like a professional who knew what she was talking about and her poise screamed “professional” as well.

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I have never really had the chance to interview a person in the dental field, have thought about it but never had the chance to do it. This assignment gave me that opportunity to meet with one of the finest dental hygienists at Bluegrass Community and Technical College, someone who’s worked in private practice for 12 years and seven more years of experience at BCTC, a person who made my interview experience success in the sense that I would do it again if asked to.

One of the new concepts adapted was the velvet touch concept, which basically uses both vocal sedation and the therapeutic touch that an experienced, quality clinician would use during dental treatment, but also
places emphasis on how the injection is given. This method tends to relax patients.

The main strength of that one needs to have as a dental hygienist is the ability to work well with others, because dental hygienists work hand in hand with dentists and dental assistants as well as dealing directly with patients. Hygienists also need good manual dexterity, because they use dental instruments within a patient’s mouth, with little room for error. The only weakness I know would be the total opposite of the strength mentioned above, without communication a hygienist won’t work well with other faculties. Dental assistants are also one of the kind, they mainly help dentists during and after dental procedures therefore that’s one of the positions I would be interested in.

Communication is the base foundation for working as either a dentist, dental hygienist/ assistant because this is a field that requires constant verbal communication in order to have success. Without communication dentists might use the wrong tools because the assistant wasn’t told what to give the dentist. As fo this communication class, it will give me the techniques and methods to use when communicating with a small group. I will be able to know what to say and when, because as Mrs. Karnes said in the dental field all communication skills are utilized.