Police are thankful to the individuals who

Police departments have
been getting bashed for about 3-4 year now because of the young black men that
have been gunned down by officers. The one thing that numerous individuals
overlook is that the police are human, and are working inside a human
manufactured framework. Most cops are simply attempting to secure and serve
they could never think about oppressing someone else because of their race, and
they attempt to mindfully deescalate circumstances at whatever point
conceivable as opposed to falling back on savagery. In any case, there are
issues endemic to law implementation culture, and numerous standardized issues
that influence the work police do. Regardless of how great a cop tries to be,
it’s difficult to improve the world a place while working from inside a
defective framework. Law implementation is something society will dependably
need, and we are thankful to the individuals who ensure and serve, however the
present framework has issues it needs to address.

            Police shootings in Ferguson, New York and Cleveland have
blended up racial strains, we’ve seen an ascent in SWAT assaults as of late,
and we’ve seen an expanding measure of military equipment wind up in the hands
of police divisions – gear that wasn’t generally at any point proposed for
nearby police work, and hardware police aren’t prepared to utilize. A few
people have started to accuse the police and have, maybe obviously, began to
lose confidence in the framework. Numerous individuals were enraged when the
cop engaged with the shooting of Michael Brown wasn’t prosecuted, and afterward
the officer associated with the occurrence with Eric Garner wasn’t arraigned
either. Individuals felt that in any event in the Eric Garner case the
circumstance was obvious to the point that there was no chance it could end
without a prosecution. In any case, the overall population doesn’t have a firm
comprehension of how the procedure functions, and they likewise don’t
understand exactly how much a cop is permitted to escape with while playing out
their obligations.

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            First, I would suggest to remove the officers from any
work procedures while on trial. I have heard throughout many cases that the
officer is still able to work which is not fair because any other victim would
have to suffer by sitting in jail until court. Remove all known lawyers through
the police departments off the case to defend them. There should be camera’s in
all police cars videoing and recording every possible traffic stop that they
make. Although most of the recent cases where seen on camera, it still wasn’t
enough. No, I’m not racist in no sort of fashion but I do believe that the young
black me killed has something to do with their skin color which is not fair
because they have done nothing but try to defend themselves. Something has to
be done about this as soon as possible.