Pleasantville bit introverted. But, Jennifer is a

is trying to convey society in a way that can be perceived that the world is
beautiful. In the beginning of the movie it shows the viewer how ugly the real
world is. When introducing the 1950s show Pleasantville, its conveyed to be a
perfect little world where nothing goes wrong and everyone is just constantly
in a happy state of mind. This world rapidly changes from black and white to color, which can be considered faulty or undesirable. The color
represented a certain beauty that Pleasantville needed to be truly pleasant.

begins with David and Jennifer who are teenage brother and sister and each
having different levels of high school popularity. David, is socially awkward,
shy and tad bit introverted. But, Jennifer is a much more outgoing teen than
her brother who at times can be superficial. David loves watching the show
Pleasantville (a 1950s black and white sitcom) that had a marathon coming on
soon. Jennifer instead wanted to watch a concert on tv, but unfortunately the shows are on at the same time. So,
the classic feud of brother and sister arguing on who get to watch what happens
had begun. And this causes them to break their remote control. Then
mysteriously, an old tv repairman, without warning, shows up and gives them a
remote control. Which transported them into the television set and now they must
play as Bud and Mary Sue from the show. Because of this, they must do everything in
the show how it is supposed to happen. And now every time they act out events
differently from the show than how it should be, Pleasantville’s people and
along with inanimate objects change from the shows black and white identity
into colorful fill ins. This consists of people’s faces and its surroundings.

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was to mimic how the 1950s society looked like. There’s a standard in the
Pleasantville community intended that everything and everyone has to be
uniformed. If this standard was not followed, the community will go against the
offender. For some the citizens in Pleasantville, they didn’t understand that
color has a deeper meaning than it just being change. They didn’t want to
linger on the literal aspects and qualities as for its ornate others remained
to be on the same standard, the only standard that they were accustomed to
which caused rioting, anger and hate.

had created a different mindset that doesn’t want to change into a world where
open mindedness for exploring new ideals. The flaws in art led to a discovery
of a fresh kind of beauty that despite not being perfect, because of it creates
something just beautiful. Beauty is something that not everyone adheres the
same understanding because its depends on that one specific person. Not
everything that looks one way may look the same to others. Like in the movie,
the black and white was the standard existing in the town of Pleasantville. The
shades of gray were considered the pleasant one. In the eyes of Jennifer,
everything seemed extremely bland. But for the community, it was beautiful.

When things came into color, some people felt uncomfortable. It seemed almost
ugly for them to see some color. The people in Pleasantville upon seeing diner
owner’s artworks, they rioted over his art. And they didn’t find any in looking
at it because they sought it to be repulsive. But at the end of the movie after
everyone and everything has been colorized, the people of Pleasant saw and
embraced just how much more beautiful these changes were.