Pikmin are all very cute, of course

Pikmin 3 EssayAiden Myhr26/01/2018Pikmin 3 is an amazing game. It has beautiful graphics, amazing music and some very fun and original gameplay.Pikmin 3 has a beautiful art style which makes the already amazing game even greater. The design of the worlds that you get to explore are stunning and the giant everyday items around the maps give you a sense of a massive adventure. As Keza MacDonald said in an IGN game review “Exploring Pikmin 3’s miniaturised woodlands and ponds recall childhood autumns spent kicking through leaves, or summer afternoons digging through soil to examine the bugs at the bottom of the garden” I think that this contributes to the overall adventurous and grand feeling of the game. The game’s characters are all very cute, of course the pikmin are with each colour of pikmin looking similar but having defining physical characteristics. Even the monsters in Pikmin are scary but in a kind of cute and lovable way. The awesome feeling of the adventure of the game is very much because of the wonderful art design and the amazing music.The music in Pikmin 3 is incredible, from grand booming music to simple melodies that play when new things are discovered it really helps set the mood of the game. From the simple and happy tune that plays in the first world to the scary and tense music that plays in the final maze, the soundtrack in this game does so much to help immerse the player in the games world. Even though its simple the music can evoke so much emotion. The quick little sound cues also help the game a lot. From the cute and soft sound that plays when the player discovers a new type of pikmin to the scary and loud noise that plays when an enemy wakes up and begins to attack, the wonderful music goes hand in hand with the unique game play. The gameplay mechanics in Pikmin 3 are fun, interesting and unique. While exploring the world you will come across lots of fun puzzles which require certain pikmin or combinations of pikmin to solve them. The player needs to know about all the pikmins’ different strengths and weaknesses in order to be successful. While journeying around the player and their squad of pikmin will encounter a monster but instead of punching or shooting it you will need to throw your pikmin at it and when they die you genuinely feel bad as they let out their cry and you see their ghost fly away. The game is divided into days that are just under 15 minutes. At the end of each day all of your pikmin need to be either in your active squad or in the safe area that appears around your ship. If there are any stray pikmin left behind you can see them running to your ship as it takes off and then being devoured by nocturnal predators. Not only is seeing your pikmin trying to get home but then being left behind heart breaking it also means that you have less pikmin left in your squad. All of the mechanics make pikmin a challenging and very fun game.In conclusion, Pikmin 3 is a critically acclaimed game that has stunning graphics, great music and very unique gameplay so if anyone is ever looking for a game to play on the wii u I would highly recommend trying Pikmin 3.