Personal Definition of Health Essay

Personal Definition of Health 22 October 2012 T1 Personal Definition of Health Being healthy to me means myself being at a constant point of neutrality within all six dimensions of health and wellness within my environment. Life expectancy, overall wellness, and promoting my quality of life all attribute to my meaning of health. The most important values to me from the dimensions of health would be physical and intellectual. The least important values to me would be environmental and spiritual factors.

Lastly, the three main health behaviors that are most important to me are eating healthy, exercising daily, and avoiding drug use to achieve overall wellness. Physical health includes characteristics such as fitness, body size and shape, body functions, and activities of daily living (ADL), which relate to me significantly because I am a very physically fit individual. I eat healthy food, go to the gym every other day, and perform all activities of daily living that I need to do which attributes to my overall health and well being (Anitei).

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Intellectual health is the ability for me to think clearly, use brainpower, and make important decisions that need to be made in order to attribute to my overall wellness. Intellectuality relates to me because I need to make smart decisions in order to live a successful future, as well as to use the brainpower to make those right choices (Donatella). I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my value of physical and intellectual wellness dimensions of health.

Some health dimensions aren’t as important to me because everybody has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to health factors. For example, environmental factors aren’t significant to me because I live in an environmentally safe environment already, so I don’t have to worry about many toxins, pollutants, etc. … around where I live. Spiritual factors are not as important to me as well due to the fact that I believe in a higher power, God, and already sort of know what my purpose in life which is to be healthy, live well, and enjoy life.

Overall, maintaining most important health factors, like physical and intellectual health, is more significant then preserving environmental and spiritual health. Everybody has their own individual health behaviors, whether their good or bad behaviors. For example, I go to the gym every other day to maintain maximum physical health and preserve my body shape and form. Second, I stay away from junk food and eat healthy to keep my body going and stay fit.

Eating healthy includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, basically everything on the food pyramid (McLaughlin). Lastly, I hang out with the right people and avoid drug use so I don’t cause harm to any part of my body. Maintaining these crucial health behaviors will attribute to my overall well-being. To be healthy, I go by the important health dimensions and maintain good individual behavior to live a successful and healthy life. For me, I progress in my physical and intellectual health to attain a high quality life.

At the same time, I don’t proceed in spiritual and environmental health factors because I don’t believe they are as important as the other health dimensions. Also, by continuing my vital health behaviors of eating healthy, staying fit, and avoiding drug use promote my overall quality of life, overachieve my healthy development, and the healthy behaviors across all stages of life. The bottom line is that there is no magic pill, potion or diet that is going to save you from yourself. Only planning, commitment, and hard work will produce the results.

Make it a priority because the quality of my life, will affect me for the rest of my lifespan. Bibliography Donatelle, Rebecca, 2011, Health The Basics, Glenview, IL: Pearson. Anitei, Stefan. “Why Is Physical Exercise Important for Our Health? ” – Softpedia. N. p. , 22 Aug. 2007. Web. 22 Oct. 2012. <http://news. softpedia. com/news/What-039-s-Good-For-Making-Sports-63450. shtml>. McLaughlin, August. “Why Is Eating Healthy Important? ” LIVESTRONG. COM. N. p. , 3 May 2011. Web. 22 Oct. 2012. <http://www. livestrong. com/article/84494-eating-important/>.