People Should Not Be Treated Equally Essay

There are many reasons today as to why there is segregation between religions in today’s society being that one may not have the same skin colour or may not encounter the equal elements needed to fit in another culture. A perfect example of two religions that obtain many differences in the way righteousness may be portrayed is Christianity and Islam. People should not be treated equally? Islam * Point

A religious belief will influence a person to do good things for example an Islamic rule is to treat people of all beliefs and cultures, friendly, kindly and encourage peace unless others from a different culture violates someone of their own kind physically or verbally. * Example 1 Because In the Quran, Holy book of Islam, God has said “God does not forbid you from showing kindness and dealing justly with those who have not fought you about religion and have not driven you out of your homes. God loves just dealers. “

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Example 2 No one has the right to take his or anyone else’s life but Allah” this means that killing anybody as well as yourself is forbidden and they believe that god will deal with the situation in due time. * Explanation An Islamic person would agree with the statement “people should not be treated equally” because in some other cultures such as Christianity they are allowed to help a weak person who feels that they have no purpose in life to take their life by either switching of a intensive care life machine or to take them to be put to sleep. Christianity * Point

A religious belief will influence a person such as a Christian to engage other religions to understand the true concept of god and his teachings as other religions have misunderstood God’s message but in many cases they contain elements of truth and should be respected. Example 1 Christianity is traditionally an enthusiastic religion, it believes in spreading the word of God and trying to persuade people to become Christian. Jesus did this and told his followers to do the same. Example 2 Christians should try hard to convert members of other religions in order to save them from hell.

Churches should send missionaries to places where people are not Christian. Another example is an Islamic person has strict rules such as the women must be covered from head to toe showing only there face and some that are married must cover their face completely only showing their eyes. This is to avoid other men looking intimately at their wife. An Islamic person would disagree with their kind being treated equally as they do not feel that there women should be as “exposed” as other women of other cultures. * Explanation

There is no reason to put others down because they are different. ‘An example of this is Muslims are commanded to believe in all God prophets and in all God holy books and to accept and respect all other religions, cultures, and races’. Quran says “There is no compulsion in religion” “If God had willed, He would have made you all in one nation and one religion), but that He (God) left you in different religions to compete in good deeds and society benefits. The return of all of you is to God; then He (God) will inform you about that in which you differ”

CHRISTIAN * Point A religious belief might influence a person such as a Christian to hold their grounds and An Islamic person has strict rules such as the women must be covered from head to toe showing only there face. Whereas in Christianity women are allowed to show hair, arms and legs their religion is not as strict, they are able to go out, however the religion does not condone drinking. Christianity has been manipulated many times and now encourages people of the same sex to be righteously married in a church. In Islam this strictly forbidden.

An Islam person may not want to sit at the same table with a homosexual person as he/she will have nothing in common and a Christian person may feel that women should not be forced to cover up as much and should be allowed to have more freedom. Marriage from one culture to another may not be considered as equal because they may not be from the same culture and may influence other beliefs onto the other person. For example if a Christian women wanted to marry into an Islamic family the parents on both behalf’s may not be pleased as the woman’s parents may not want their daughter covering up and the Islamic man’s parents may not