Penalty sanity will be restored in the



and fines should be introduced for every police officer caught engaging in any
activity that violates their code of ethics. Moreover, stern measures should be
implemented for the officers who have the habit of using excessive force
whenever they are dealing with people. The government should be strict with
such officers and devise the best way to deal with them until sanity is
restored in the police department. 
Moreover, there should be grants and rewards for the well-behaving
police officers and who observe their code of ethics effectively as they carry
out their duties and responsibilities. 
It will motivate them and challenges others to carry out their duties
according to the accepted codes of ethics so that they can try their luck in
getting the reward. As a result of these policies sanity will be restored in the
police force. There will be good cooperation, and people will appreciate the
police services.( Reiman & Leighton, 2015)

are various policies which need to be set up in place to minimize the chances
of officers unnecessarily utilizing the excess use of force. The relevant
authority should set up a mandatory ethics training program to enable the
police to understand the need of adhering to the code of ethics in everything
they do. The feature intensive ethics training will provide the officers with
the knowledge based on how they need to carry themselves in various situations.
Therefore, the cases of people mistreatment by the police will reduce, and they
will appreciate the police services. (Bayley, 2015).

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other instance where the police violate their code of ethics is when it comes
to upholding the law and individual’s right. Before officers assume duties, the
take an oath to defend the constitutional rights of an individual and enforce
the law. In most cases, they violate those rights based on the manner they deal
with the individuals who have broken the law. They act in the best interest of
the state and violate the rights of the individuals they are dealing with.
There have been various reports of people who have sustained severe injuries
after their rights were infringed through their encounter with the police.

the excessive use of force makes the police appear impartial in their actions.
It is has been one of the ethical issues which the police officers are faced
with whenever they are in the line of duty. They are not supposed to show any favoritism;
their code of ethics dictates that they treat everyone equally. However,
whenever they are using excessive force, they overreact to some individuals
while being lenient with others, especially those whom they have some
relationship such as friendship or close relatives.

police officers are required and expected to observe the law enforcement and
ethics that will govern the way they handle their duties and responsibilities.
However, there are some who engages in ethical violations through the excessive
use of force. These ethical violations among the police officers are of
different kinds.  For instance, the
practice racial and tribe profiling is prevalent among many police officers; it
is an unethical act in this profession. Due to such profiling, they do not use
judgment and discretion in determining the right course of action in a
particular case. They are rife with stereotyping and assumptions which leads to
ethical and unfair profiling cases. Since time immemorial, there have been many
reports of people from different races and tribes who suffer in the hands of
the police who are supposed to protect them. (De Schrijver & Maesschalck