PART that the coffee was going to



you agree that Stella Lieback was 20% responsible for her injury?  Should she be held more/less
responsible?  Why or why not? 

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 I do agree that Lieback was 20% accountable
for her injury. Lieback should have been more careful while she was holding the
cup of coffee, she should have known that the coffee was going to be served hot
anyways because no one likes to drink coffee cold . Most coffee stores if not
all serve coffee hot because that’s the way most customers drink coffee like it
served. Furthermore, when she was adding the cream and sugar she knew the car
was going to be moving forward and for that very reason should have handled cup
of coffee more carefully. Moreover , when she was to trying to open the coffee
cup while her grandsons car was moving was not a very smart choice of hers. On
the other hand, Mcdonald’s should have had Reimbursed her more because they had
experts come forward and testified that liquids at 180°F will cause 3rd degree
burns within 7 seconds and that coffee that Mcdonald’s was serving to people
was served over that temperatures. No one should blame Stella because she was expecting
the coffee to be temperatures that she could consumable when drinking.


judge called McDonalds conduct “reckless, callous and willful.”  Do you agree with this criticism?  Why or why not? 

I would have to agree with Judge’s comment
on McDonald’s, because the company produced documents showing that more than
700 people claimed they had been burned by their  coffee, and some even similar ones to Stella
Lieback. To tell the truth if McDonald’s knew about how much of a burn hazard
their coffees were they should have looked in to these cases and changed the temperatures
of their coffes so that no other injuries could occur. The fact that the McDonald’s
paid no attention to the other 700 experiences that claimed to be burnt  by their  coffee goes to show that McDonald’s does not
care about the safety of their customers. Also the company should have already
had warning labels on the cups or asked customers that were burnt to what
should the ideal temperatures be. In fact  this goes to show McDonald’s is a reckless company
and does not care about the well-being of customers.


much money do you think Stella Lieback should have been awarded?  Consider compensatory and punitive damages. Tell
me why.  

Stella Lieback should have been
awarded with the full $200,000 not
the $160,00 and the $2.7 million as punitive damages not the 480,000. These
amounts are fully suited for the physical damages and the potential psychological
damages she might have gotten from the incident.
Stella at the time was 79 years old an age where humans became very fragile.
Stella at her age of 79  suffered severe
burns to her inner thighs, buttocks and genitals. Moreover, even though she was
hospitalized and gotten medical treatment, she still had the trauma from the surgeries
that she went though.Stella only asked for the fees that needed to be payed for
medical bills and nothing more then that, but McDonalds didn’t show any
kindness for suffering that she went throught thanks to their coffee that was
so hot it couldn’t have been consumable by people her age without getting a
burn. In any case, I think  that Stella
should have been awarded the full amount if not more.



your opinion, what is the (if any) of the fact that after the trial the temperature
of the coffee was lowered to 158°F?

In my opinion McDonald’s should have
lowered the temperatures of their coffees when they only got couple of dozen complaints
but when a huge company like McDonalds gets 700 
complaints from customers and does not think that there might be
something wrong with the temperature of their coffee this goes to show that
they only care about their own desires and not regards to well-being of others.
On the other hand the lowering of the temperature to 150oF after the
trial was taking steps to the right direction , and that move on McDonald’s
side was finally showing that they care about customer safety but only after
when one of their customer Stella get badly hurt in the incident thanks to
McDonald’s coffee and had to be  taken to
court. Likewise, the lowering of
the temperatures would also prevent less future injuries.