Parents and disappointment from stirring. What they

Parents who want to set their children up for a happier, brighter future need to be able to teach them how to tolerate being discontent. Many parents try to tend to their child’s every wish in order to prevent emotions like frustration, anger, and disappointment from stirring. What they don’t realize is that by avoiding these feelings, they are making it even harder to learn to control them in the future. Truthfully, children need to be shown how to work through these kinds of difficult attitudes, not be sheltered from them. If kids are being raised as fragile and insecure throughout their childhood, they will become even more fragile and insecure as adults. When they grow up and venture into the real world, that disappointment and exasperation will come at them even harder and they won’t know how to handle it. They will be better of in the long run if they learn to tolerate those emotions early on so that they won’t be as distressed by them later on in life. The reality is that the more they are exposed to that kind of dejection as kids, the more prepared they will be when they experience it as adults. If parents want to give their child their best chance at a successful future, they need to train them to tolerate and control tougher emotions because the road to an efficient, stress-free adult starts with a tolerant, well-rounded child. Many parents need to stop tending to their child’s every want and need and give them a little taste of reality. A fr trait that almost every child shares is an overwhelming desire to want everything they see. With this coming into play, children often have a hard time learning that they can’t have everything, which can spur resentment towards parents and other people. In an effort to stop this from happening, most parents think that the only solution is to give in and do what their simple-minded child says. All this does is give a child the false belief that they have their parents wrapped around their tiny little finger. If this continues to escalate, it could lead to bad behavior and disrespect towards teachers, administrators, and even other students at school. The best way to prevent this is to show that kid that they can’t have everything that they want. If parents teach them this early, that child won’t continue harbor feelings of anger and disappointment, they will learn to accept it. The hardest part for most parents is telling their kids “no”, but that is actually a key step towards creating a happy and healthy relationship between the parent and the child.