P4 People are concerned in getting information

P4 – Describe the
features and functions of information systems:




Features of Information Systems –

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Data must be inputted into an information system so it will
be managed and processed. Once processed the top product is info, this can be
the output. Information is generated by all departments and functions of a
business however additionally received via external sources. Information should
be correct as an alternative the output info are wrong.


People are concerned in getting information and processing it
to form data for specific purposes relevant to the business. Employees have to
be compelled to have the right training and skills to urge the foremost out of
knowledge systems and make them effective employees


The hardware employed in data systems should be capable of
the software used in the business still as handle the mass quantity of data and
knowledge processed through it and keep on that. The hardware should be up thus
far to alter quick capture, storage and use of information.


Software utilized by the business and its employees should
have the right options and practicality required to supply and use info created
by the business. It should even have the right options to modify employees to
properly and efficiently do their job like analysing and process knowledge and

/ data flows

Any output info made will need to be shared round the
business as it will be used for various functions. Telecommunications have to
be compelled to be effective to confirm that information and data is
transferred and distributed to the proper destinations once process.


Functions of Information Systems –


Input with a data system has a pair of totally different
sections. Detailed information that’s stored and processed creates the output. The
user should specify to the system what style of analysis they need the system
to try and do.


Data should be stored at the foremost careful level possible.
IT departments could prefer to store information of varied summaries and will
often backup information to avoid losing necessary information as a result of
errors, these backups ought to also be stored during a geographically separate
location to avoid a disaster (fire or flood etc…) moving both the original
information storage and therefore the backup information storage.


This method is that the perform that transforms knowledge
into info. Easy process would be merely adding up the quantity of things sold
by the business by a variable, like the shop location, the merchandise or the
time or date. Complex process is that the performance of a pc acting
calculations and creating assumptions regarding any missing knowledge to form
the knowledge from the information offered.


Output are often in a pair of separate forms, graphical and
textual. Graphical is commonly accustomed read info on a bigger scale and
presented as charts, graphs, diagrams and photos. Textual is employed to look
at the data on a smaller and additional elaborated scale, to try and do this
it’s presented as charters, text or numbers.



Control and
Feedback loops

Control/Feedback loop is what happens to output once it’s
been processed and made. The system repeats constant sequence depending on the
output of the last loop, it’s a control on the input of consecutive information
to info loop.


Closed &
Open Systems

Information systems will be outlined as open or closed
systems, the distinction being however they reacts and interacts to their environments.
Open systems fully act with its atmosphere and might handle surprising events
as a result of it monitors the atmosphere, which means it will adapt the output
depending on circumstances. Closed systems are vastly separated and secluded
from their atmosphere which means they don’t act with it much. Any interaction
are planned and foretold beforehand or maybe as an automatic method. It
operates via triggers and acts per events. They are doing not have an impact on
external environments. An example of a closed system would be a payroll
calculator that’s automatic and is triggered by an occasion, like payroll day.


of Information Systems –

Marketing analysis – this can be a method employed by
lots of organisations to record previous market phases and to predict future
market attractiveness. Organisations will try this by viewing the evolution of
the market over previous years. Little businesses usually attempt to try this
themselves by viewing sources like newspapers and online articles. Giant
corporations typically have the flexibility to rent an external specialist to
create correct predictions. Charities usually receive market predictions from
Governmental bodies; they’ll additionally predict changes within the market by
viewing sources like the news.

Financial Systems – this is often conjointly a
really vital department because it is liable for handling vital aspects like
sales and investment returns. This department should communicate with many
different departments e.g. selling and manufacturing; so it should make sure
that it produces reliable knowledge. A vital role is that the handling of
sales, whereby personnel can communicate with external sources to shop for and
sell knowledge and merchandise. They’re conjointly chargeable for investment
returns, whereby investments square measure created with external sources –
personnel square measure chargeable for taking tax into thought to
differentiate between Gross and internet investment profit.


Human Resources – the hr department could be a
fundamental side for nearly every organisation. The hr department is sometimes
pass by senior personnel because it involves the management of many vital
options concerned in business. As an example, they’re to blame for hiring new
staff – this is often vital because it should be performed properly to confirm
that solely well-trained, qualified personnel are employed. The hr department
is additionally to blame for development – this should be handled properly
because it affects however the business will advance in future years.


Information System suggestion –

Name of the
Information Systems

What it is? Microsoft Excel

Features and benefits –

Build great charts

Excel permits
business users to unlock the potential of their information, by using formulas
across a grid of cells. Information is inserted into individual cells in rows
or columns, permitting it to be sorted and filtered, so displayed in a very
visual presentation. Using pie charts, graphs and clustered columns adds
meaning to information, that otherwise could exist as row after row of numbers.




Why you choose it

Mention other
systems that you would not use and why they would not be suitable