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My father, my role model, who works in an international bank, has sparked my interests in economics at a young age. The way he did his work and discussed economic theories after much reading, though were incomprehensible, has evoked my curiosity in the area of economics.

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As I grew up, I engaged in numerous extracurricular activities, in which I found economics to be not only my childish inquiry, but my lifelong pursuits. Since high school, I have taken part in several Model United Nations conferences. Aside from the award, this experience was particularly precious for I could exchange my opinion with youths of the brightest minds. The committee of International Monetary Fund, especially, enabled me to closely examine different economic theories with people that share the same passion on economics. Also, I have attended conferences held by the International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences and the Taipei City Government on the government expenses and income for five years. The persistent participation has introduced me different forms of economics—the finance of government. Immersed in various applications of economic theories, I have consolidated my goal of studying economics professionally. 

As I develop sufficient mental capability to fathom the more advanced economics, I seek for experiences that add to my superficial knowledge to cultivate further understanding. Brought up in a country with low and stagnating wage rates and increasing income inequality, I am intrigued in the functionality of such a chaotic and unstable economy. Oftentimes, I examine the fluctuating exchange rates of Taiwan in comparison to other nations, sharpening my awareness of the global economy. Besides, I enjoy reading books that have unique perspectives regarding economics. For example, “Development as Freedom”, by an Indian Economist and Nobel Laureate, Amartya Sen, challenges some of the well accepted concepts. This kindled my interest in economics because he incorporated the discussions of philosophy into the world of economics, building connections among money, welfare, and ethics. 

I believe at University College London I will be able to strengthen my understanding towards Economics in today’s world of such instability; since the United Kingdom is one of the most important the business centres of the world, I aspire to study in this environment to catch up the rapidly changing world of Economics. Moreover, I believe that my passion for Economics is going to be developed in depth whilst being around students who share the same passion, who can encourage me to be competitive and someday, and put forward theories of my own.