Over though he was just making her




Over the years,
girls have been taught that men are the superiors in the relationship, and
superior all around. Women are taught that they are “helpless and that men know
what is best for them”. Throughout this paper I will be using feminism and psychoanalysis
to analyze and deconstruct the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” the
oppression of women in the story make this one of the easier stories we have
read this semester to deconstruct. The short starts off by stating that the
woman is trapped by her mental illness also the way she is treated by her


narrator is obviously effected by some type of postpartum depression, which
means that after she had her child her feelings about her husband. Even know
her husband is a physician and has told her that there is nothing wrong with
her, she is clearly suffering some some type of mental illness. Her husband is
trying to explain to her that she is just acting nervous and frantic, and that
nothing was wrong she just needed to sleep and take her mind off of it. “John
is a physician, and perhaps I would not say it to a living soul, of course but
this is a dead paper and a great relief
to my mind perhaps that is
the reason I do not get well faster.”  The
narrator is feeling trapped from her husband because he did not think anything
was wrong with her and wasn’t treating her as a mental health patient. The
problem is that he thought what was best for her even though he was just making
her condition worse. This is what gender roles do through a feminism view because
the “man” of the house thinks that he knows what is better for her because he
is a man.

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decided that maybe she needed a new place to stay for  while to help her recover. He did not get
that it is not the setting that created the narrators depression.  But the place he took her to did not help her
at all with her issues. All he did was take her out of her home and lock her in
a room and remove her from everyday life. Instead of helping her get better he
thought it was best if she figured out how make herself better on her own. He monitored
her every move and did not let her have many visitors. From a psychoanalysis
view I think that her problem was being alone and feeling like she didn’t matter.
Back in the day that how most women lived there lives, depending on there
husbands to do everything for them. Because they were not allowed to have jobs
or do anything a “man” should do. I believe that the narrator should express
her emotions instead of listening to John and believing that her problems are
all just in her head.


narrator’s imagination makes her become intrigued with the yellow wallpaper in
the room. She thought the wall paper was taunting her as if it was a living
being. Her imagination raged in the past but it has never gotten this serious. The
wallpaper made her condition become much worse. She became obsessed with the
wallpaper. John pushed her further into depression by not letting her be
herself or show her true feelings. The narrator starts to see figures and other
things in the wallpaper and wonders how many other women are imprisoned by
there husbands and what they say.


story ends as the women is stating that she literally came out of the yellow
wallpaper and begins to wonder if the other trapped women will get out just as
she has. “I’ve got out at last, in
spite of you and Jane. And I’ve pulled off most of the paper, so you can’t put
me back!”. The narrator begins to tear off the wallpaper is the peak of her
insanity. She says the name Jane and I think that she is referring to herself
because the narrator is never given a name. I think that by saying she escaped
from Jane that she is finally letting her be herself, that she has finally
escaped from the lies that she has been living and came out of her skin. She
beings to talk about her husband but isn’t aware of who he is. “Now why should
that man have fainted? But he did, and right across my path by the wall, so
that I had to creep over him every time!”.


            I concluded through a
Psychological view that when someone is going through a mental illness like postpartum
depression that they don’t need just a new view to look at. They need to be
taken seriously and be helped through there illness. You can’t lock a person in
a room and hope they figure things out. The narrator not only could not escape
her illnesses alone but she could not escape the bashing she received from her
husband. If someone feels there is something wrong with them weather, you can
prove it or not you need to believe that person and try to help them through


            John in the story did
not try to help her the way she needed to be helped, he helped her the way he
thought she needed to be helped. It is hard to figure out what exactly john was
trying to accomplish because he obviously loves her because he tried to make
her better, but he had complete control over her and her decisions. “It is so
hard to talk with John about my case, because he is so wise, and because he
loves me so.” John did not consider his wifes feelings or think about the fact
that she has no idea what she needs to feel better. She tried to tell him
multiple times that she could not explain to him that he isn’t helping her,
because he things she doesn’t know what is best for her.


            The short story is
written through the narrator’s perspective which is the only time she expresses
herself. It feels that she is expressing herself through pen and paper because
they are the only things that listen and believe her. She becomes obsessed with
writing and lets all her nervous behaviors and emotion become obsessions.


             “The Yellow Wallpaper” written by Charlotte
Gilman demonstrated a great example of oppression of women struggling with
mental health issues and their husbands. The narrator is bipolar because of her
issues. She tales the role of two characters. Her real self, a woman who is
very emotional and has a very twisted mind. And a woman who holds her sanity
when her husband is around.