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Over the last two decades ICT gain importance all over the world. To compete or rule over the world every country used different technology or approaches in schools college’s and universities not only make students learning effective but prepared them to compete all over the world. China is the biggest example for the world. In developing countries like Pakistan and India the benefits of information and communication technology (ICT) reached always late. In Pakistan the uses of mobile phone, laptop, tablets fast 3G and 4G Internet service are gain importance in young generation especially. Today generation spending their all time in social media like what’s app, Facebook, Twitter but if we see that very specific group of people or students use these technology in their learning. ICT use only in high educational institutions like universities rather then in private sector which growing fast in Pakistan. Which universities or colleges used latest technology their students are more confident and show good results or progress.As the time past the importance of ICT increased. Where the enrollment rate increased in the universities the demand of ICT also increased. Online service’s come closely all the world on your fingertips where two person who are unfamiliar with each other they are familiar with the use of ICT. It’s also make a student life so easier and tension free. Online admission in different courses, online tutoring,online attendance, online lectures, online submission of assignment make a student life so easier. No matter where they are. They are always present in class while in journey. All of these made a student world tiny.Sana and Marian (2014), comparison (Pakistan with the Sweden) show that there are huge difference in both countries in this field. The major reason of ICT tools and technology in Pakistan that is breakdown of the electricity and secondly students have no access of internet which is the biggest drawback of Pakistan. Government should be take serious action on it.1.1. Need for the ProjectICT is considered as key to effective learning. The research and report’s indicate that is the era of smart technology era. If you compete the world you should be prepared generation next by using information and communication technology (ICT) not only in their curriculum and in their daily routine. In this study we know that how ICT impact on their learning either it is positive or negative. What their thinking about latest and modern technology.Objectives of the StudyThe overall study objective is to “Investigating the Impacts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based Education on Students Learning in district Faisalabad.”. The following specific objectives will be pursued to achieve the overall study objective.To identify the type and extent of different ICT tools used by students.To explore the perceptions of students regarding the impact of ICT based teaching on their learnin.To identify different factors which affect the efficiency of various ICT tools in imparting education.To  suggest recommendations for the making effective use ICTs in education sectorLiterature Review The facilities or application of ICT which are given by the government in public sector schools are not showing any results and improvement in students learning performance. Their finding also show that mostly students belong to poor families that’s why they are not show any interest in it.(Yousaf et al.,2011) Geoffrey (2010), point out that ICT tools and equipment are fully available in the universities. But teacher and students both avoid to yse it and not avail this opportunity. He said that it is university organization responsibility to bond the trainer to used that equipment for better outcomes in the form of students learning performance. He also point that ICT doesn’t mean by using these tools in class room but also trained the students for further their uses.Ziden et al.,(2011) concluded that the schools must be increased the usage of ICT in students learning. Specially science students which concept not fully clear different audio visual aid’s chart graph clear their concept. But there is little hurdler in ICT used in schools that teachers are week in the used of ICT. The schools management must be organized some special classes for teachers.Aristovnik (2012), stated that with the low technical efficiency many country are survived. Which countries used above average ICT resources almost there educational outcomes or inputs are crucially increased. Under developing countries the present techniques and non-parametric approaches may hampered their outcomes and inputs. These countries should be decreased these deficiency.Akir (2006), finding show that the technology changed with the passage of time. New innovation enhance the quality of teacher and teaching also. With this fast technology everything in our fingertips which is not possible before. ICT doesn’t mean to how-know the skills of it in fact organization need a plan to do work.Adeyemo, 2010;Eng, 2005, also stated that ICT created great interest of science students in schools level. The subject physics, Bio and chemistry and also there practical very tough for the students in that stage when he study in public sector schools. When child see all the process with their own eyes their interest developed more. It government responsibility to equally funded all the schools for this purpose and pay attention on this sector.Higgins et all.,(2012) concluded that the tools and technology of ICT only effect in small group of students rather then individual. ICT not the alternative of the teaching but it is supplement for the formal teaching techniques. They also said that information and technology only show its effect’s when you know that what should be learned and why should it learn.Alharbi (2014), pointed that positive impact show on students learning when its benefits provided with fully guidance. Otherwise its results sometimes negative if the students are unaware of it. Private school students are more confident about the used of ICT. But only then when they used in daily basis.