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Out of 50 states in the United States 8 states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, 22 states have legalized marijuana for medical use, and the remaining 20 states consider marijuana illegal.While many people can argue that marijuana has its benefits others believe that marijuana has too many negative effects to be considered positive. For example, even medical marijuana can result in “apathy, lost productivity, addictive disease, deterioration in intellectual function, motor vehicle accidents, and psychos,” and this is all from a product that is considered “safe” when used as a treatment for medical issues. On the other hand, “With regard to pain alone, marijuana could greatly reduce the demand for narcotics and simultaneously decrease the number of accidental painkiller overdoses, which are the greatest cause of preventable death in this country.” When children were treated with medical marijuana they did find great outcomes. In a study 84% of the 19 parents reported a reduction in their child’s seizure frequency while taking cannabidiol-enriched cannabis, “other benefits included increased alertness, better mood, and improved sleep.” On the flip side, “Marijuana use in pediatric populations remains an ongoing concern, and marijuana use by adolescents has known medical, psychological, and cognitive side effects.” (ProCon)There have been no major reports of accidents and injury, people have been high on the drug when in a car wreck or if combining the drug with the use of alcohol. The incidents recorded do not come strictly from the use of marijuana, but rather a mixture of idiotic decisions.The pros of the legalization of marijuana are quite extensive, many of these benefits, which were once only theoretical, have since been proven true in the states that have gone all-in by legalizing both medical and recreational marijuana sales and use. Two pros are the dismantling of the black market and increased tax revenue. With the dismantling of the black market For decades, the black market was really the only place to find marijuana. “Sure, your friend’s brother always seemed to have some on hand, but where did he get it from? Chances are he knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who was a drug dealer or involved in organized crime (i.e., the mafia or mob). Some of those drug dealers and mafioso even had ties to terrorist organizations in other countries.” And as for the increased tax revenue, “legal sales of cannabis products amounted to $996 million in 2015. That’s almost a billion dollars spent! And the tax revenue collected off those sales was equally as staggering—$135 million.” The cons of the use of marijuana are kind of a no-brainer, first of all, it’s addictive and second, it’s a gateway drug. When it comes to the financial aspects of marijuana most people do not consider the effect it has on the government. Not only does the government have to foot the bill for the incarceration of the abuser but if they have children they also have to pay for foster care so the child is not left behind, but if marijuana is legalized that would save the U.S. Government and its taxpayers billions of dollars every year because they will not have to pay the fees that come with the obstruction of the law. $5.3 billion is spent by the state and local governments and $2.4 billion is spent by the federal government if all states legalized marijuana these numbers would drastically decrease and could be spent elsewhere to better the lives of Americans. Overall the use of marijuana is not considered harmful to my eyes when used properly. Before my research, if I was asked my stance on the use of marijuana my response would have been very negative, but after finding out more information I believe that it can be something positive. After watching my uncle turn to medical marijuana products after years of suffering from medical conditions and seeing his suffering grow less and less extreme because of it I can almost encourage it (to the right people). As far as recreational use I am not 100% on board with it because of the laws that are in place. If there were no laws to be broken and people would not abuse their usage then this would not be frowned upon like it is. In conclusion, even though I don’t agree with people using this merely for the fact that they get high people are going to use the drug whether it is legal or not. The real question is: if so many people are enjoying it and doing so safely, why not legalize it? I believe that by legalizing marijuana it would have more pros than cons. Although I do not believe in the recreational use of it, the medical side of it is very beneficial. Therefore, I believe that marijuana should, in fact, be legalized.