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Opinion EssayCommunication is very important in everyone’s life. It’s not just talking about random stuff with your friends, it’s also necessary for getting information. Therefore, it’s a must to be able to communicate without linguistic barriers. That’s why we need a universal language. Whilst English is taught at every school, there are still countries where it isn’t on such a high level. But how important is it, to learn other languages, especially for English native speakers?For me learning another language is fundamental, no matter what your mother tongue is. Even if you don’t think so right now, it probably will open you some doors in your future. On the one hand, foreign language knowledge will certainly be an advantage for your job search, on the other hand it will also be useful if you are somewhere on holiday where the language you’ve learned is spoken.Another positive aspect of learning a second language is, that you train your mind. Studies say, that if you repeat foreign phrases and grammar structures, you’ll understand the ones of your native language better. According to that you’ll give more attention to the sentence and grammar structure of your mother tongue. Furthermore, I think that this attention will help you also to be careful in other domains, like maths.I believe there is no evidence to support the opinion, that English native speakers shouldn’t learn foreign languages. A huge part of them say, that learning another language is just a waste of time because they won’t use it anymore. Fortunately, not everyone thinks so. Some of them still choose to learn Spanish or French at school. Nevertheless, they aren’t really able to use those languages. Sadly, there capabilities stop at a very low level, so that they just can say the basics. In general, I think that learning a second language is always a good idea. It will help you to expanse your social circle and to open opportunities that otherwise might be closed. I certainly believe, that learning new things is important, but you should be focused on it to do it well. All in all, I think that also English native speakers should be more interested in learning other languages, it’ll just broaden their horizon.