Operative report Essay

Patient: John P. Dwight                                                                            Date: January 4, 2009

Hospital Number 86-30-21                                                                         Room Number: 582-B

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                                                                        OPERATIVE REPORT

PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSES:                        1. Otosclerosis, left ear.

POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOESE:                      1. Otosclerosis, left ear.

OPERATION:                                                   1. Left stapedectomy.

PROCEDURE:                                                 Under local anesthesia, the ear was prepared and draped in the usual manner. The ear was injected with two percent Xylocaine and one to six thousand epinephrine. A stapes-type flap was elevated from the posterosuperior canal wall, and the bony overhang was removed with the stapes curet. The chorda tympani nerve was removed from the field. The incudostapedial joint was separated. The stapes tendon was cut. The superstructure was removed. The mucous membrane was reflected from the ear, stapes, and the facial nerve promontory. The footplate was then reamed with small picks and hooks. A flattened piece of Gelfoam was placed over the oval window, and a five millimeter wire loop prosthesis was inserted and crimped in the incus. The drum was reflected, and a small umbilical tape was placed in the ear canal. The patient tolerated the procedure well.

                                                                                                                    Felix A. Konig, MD


D: 1-04-09

T: 1-06-09

                                 College Park Hospital

                                 321 College Park Circle

                                 Woods Creek, Fl 98765