Online Shopping vs Traditional Shopping Essay

To most people shopping in general is a very daunting task for many reasons. Some people do not have the time to drive around town looking for the perfect item. While others have the time to shop around but no like standing in long crowded lines to check out. There are two options when it comes to shopping: online shopping and traditional shopping. Online shopping allows for faster shopping without the instant gratification of shopping in a traditional store. Online shopping gives you the opportunity to shop around for the lowest prices without leaving the comfort of your own home unlike traditional shopping.

On the other hand traditional shopping allows you to actual hold and see the item before purchasing it. The time available for your shopping experience is a very important factor in deciding which shopping method will be chosen. Is there enough time to allow for shipping? Or it is a gift that you need the same day? While some online stores offer next day shipping, most of the time you will incur a higher shipping cost for this option. If you have ample time then it comes down to personal preference.

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If looking for a specific item online shopping may be the better option if the time allows, search that item and with a few mouse clicks its on its way. If the item is not specific traditional shopping may be a better fit as it allows you to purchase more on an impulse. Money also plays an important role on which experience you choose. If you need a specific item and it cannot be substituted for another then online shopping may be the better option for you. However, with online shopping you need to pay close attention to shipping costs.

Many companies offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount of money on one order. If your item is under that set amount, then it will be wiser to purchase the item the traditional way and save the shipping costs. Now, they also offer bidding sites such as Ebay, which allow you to place a bid on the specific item. These sites can also help save money if you are to win the bid at a low cost. Lastly some items are better off being purchased in a traditional fashion such as furniture or fabric. Traditional shopping allows you to see the item, see the true size and shape of the item.

Helping you visualize where this item will end up. Fabric is often purchased in a traditional store for this same reasoning, Color, the color of an item is better seen in person then on a computer screen. Other items such as clothing and shoes need to be tried on for size. Some people who wish to purchase these items online can still do so. If the item needs to be returned or exchanged, it will take a trip to the post office or to the actual store it came from. Traditional shopping offers a fun experience, allowing the purchases to be seen and touched before purchasing.

However, online shopping allows shopping at any hour of the day, from virtually anywhere in the world. Both offer many pros and cons; it will be the decision of the shopper on which path they choose for their shopping experience. If you are looking for a girl’s day out shopping on the town then online shopping is not the right chose for you. If you are shopping for some specific items and do not have the time to get to the actual store, then online shopping is what you need. No matter which experience you choose, remember to make sure you are doing business with a secure legit store.