On voted for the United Kingdom to

June 23rd, 2016, 51.9% of people voting in the referendum of Brexit
voted for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. The United Kingdom
will officially leave on March 29th, 2019 as based on the Lisbon Treaty,
this is a 2-year process. These United Kingdom citizens had multiple reasons
for leaving the European Union in Brexit.

of the main reasons for Brexit was because the United Kingdom feared immigration.
Many citizens were concerned about the millions of people crossing over the
United Kingdom boundaries because of the European Union open border policies. The critical shift came when many people
migrated due to crisis occurring in the Middle East. The European Union was unable to hold these immigrants back. This concerned many people about the massive amount of
migration into the United Kingdom based on what had happened in the past few
years, immigrant’s purpose on society, and what might happen in the next 20
years. It also made people think about the fact that decisions about the United
Kingdom should be taken by the United Kingdom, instead of letting the European
Union take control of them.

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reason for Brexit is that the people believe that by leaving the European
Union, the United Kingdom’s economy will strengthen. In the European Union, the
gap between the poor and rich was growing as the poor were super poor and the
rich were ridiculously rich. Also, people believed that by leaving the European
Union, the United Kingdom would have an extra £350
million per week to spend on the National Health Service.

             I think that the United Kingdom did not made
the right decision when leaving the European Union because Brexit has not and
will not have any tangible benefits. In fact, leaving the European Union will
not only hurt the United Kingdom, but the European Union as a whole! As part of
the European Union, the United Kingdom had much more power and influence on
other nations than it will have now. This is because the European Union was
made up of 28 different countries and it is a powerful trade bloc. Although the
United Kingdom will have more authority in making their own decisions, this
country had much more influence under the European Union. Brexit was more like
a dream than reality for the citizens of the United Kingdom as it has been
having short-term consequences so far and could have long-term consequences in
the future as well. Many problems are arising that were not thought of before
such as problems with borders, the economy, etc. The United Kingdom will have
financial strain as exports will decrease, which will result in the loss of
jobs, workers, etc.  

            In conclusion, as you can see, the
main reasons for Brexit were because of immigration and the economy. However, I
do not believe that this was a good decision as it has no benefits and could
actually be harmful to both the United Kingdom and the European Union.