Observations: across Singapore that invites youths and

Observations: You can see people who exercises at public areas such as HDB areas, jogging/cycling along roads, parks and gyms. Singaporeans are more health conscious today when contrasted with 10 years back in light of the fact that they partake all the more effectively in games and exercise all the more consistently. To urge our seniors to remain dynamic, Health Promotion Board (HPB) has launched its second exercise campaign, “You Can Get Moving”, to contact seniors matured 50 years or more, incorporating those with decreased mobility to do the 7 Sit-Down exercises that builds strength , improve balance and flexibility.Every year, the Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG organised various roadshows across Singapore that invites youths and seniors to find out more about the healthy choices they can make everyday in their homes, schools, work and neighbourhood. From interactive exhibits to game booths to mass workouts. Not only that, the Health Promotion Board also launched the Sundays @ The Park Programme where the young and old can also look forward to group workouts right in their comfort of their estates with the programme organised at more than 70 locations throughout Singapore. Singaporeans can enhance their fitness through energetic exercises such as Zumba Fitness, Street JAM and more.Pain Points:Some of the pain points of exercising would be time consuming, lack of interest, family obligations and stuck at home due to wet weather.Many people lack exercise because they are short of time, such as having work and family obligations. Many a times, each family member has their own family obligations (e.g. babysitting, household chores), while working adults with office jobs would spend most of their time sitting in the office, so they do not have the time to exercise.Since exercise is exhausting and may not interest people, many people would rather watch television or eat at home than to exercise outside in their free time. Some retirees spend most of their day in the coffeeshop or at the HDB void decks chit chatting, also leading to a sedentary lifestyle.Another reason would be wet weather, due to the weather you feel that you are stuck at home and cannot go out to exercise and at the same time feel tired.Effects of having a sedentary lifestyles:Some effects of having sedentary lifestyles would be Anxiety, Depression, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Migraines, Colon Cancer and Skin Problems such as hair loss.The notice came as the Health Promotion Board (HPB) released its data on Singaporeans and obesity. If nothing is done, Singapore could hit obesity rates of 15 percent in just seven years, said Dr Annie Ling, HPB’s director of policy, research and surveilance according to a news article online.Obese people are at higher risk of developing health problems such as diabetes, coronary illness and stroke. Today, an average Singaporean may weight heavier and more prone to overeating. Even then, the biggest weight gain occurs during work. According to statistics online, results have shown that 7 out of 10 children who were overweight at age seven stayed overweight as adults and obesity in Singapore is projected to hit 15% by 2024 if nothing is done and currently it is 11%.