OBJECTIVE the versatile effect of T.V. advertising


objective of the study is to emphasis the tele-advertising effectiveness of
Amazon an E-commerce organisation. Through this we can also admire the different
opinions, taste and preference of advertisements on various brands from the
viewer’s side. As television have the properties of sight; sound and motion
that traditionally set, apart from other media such as radio (sound only) or
print (sight only). With its three-pronged assault on its viewer’s senses, TV
is able to create broad awareness for a brand/product. Television is considered
as a mass medium communication tool because of the numbers of people it
reaches. Television advertising can have a powerful influence on viewers to buy
their products.. The three key facts that we acknowledged are: 1) the recall
axis (cognitive factor) where a recalled campaign is considered to be
effective, 2) the image axis (emotional factors relating to a brand logo),
where the aim is that the campaign should be able to improve the image that
consumers have of the brand being advertised; and 3) the business axis (behavioural
factor), where the campaign is required to be able to increase the buying
intention of the product being advertised. Having realized the versatile effect
of T.V. advertising has not only on the purchasing pattern but also on the
total lifestyle of the customers a need was felt to study the impact of T.V.
advertisements on the buying behaviour of the customers.

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present study was conducted among young customers in the age group of 18-25. A
sample of certain respondents was selected for the study. A self-designed
questionnaire was used for collecting the responses of the customers to
identify the influence of TV Advertisements. Along with the usual statistical
tools such as tables and percentage method were used for analysing the data and
arriving at the conclusion.