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Noah CrockerE. Poole                                                 ELA 7January 25, 2018Why Gun Control is Necessary Did you know that 3 people are killed with a gun every 60 minutes? Many wonder how we can work to prevent that. Well, this essay will tell you about what gun control is, and why it is necessary. Gun control will save innocent lives, and make it harder for criminals to acquire firearms. But, it is very hard to pass these laws, because the NRA opposes them most of the time.Gun control is the set of laws that regulate the making, sale, transfer, and possession of firearms by civilians. The less laws there are regulating guns and gun use, more crime and crime related deaths will occur, including mass shootings! One point is: More guns equals more homicide. In 2018 alone already, there have been 3,137 firearm related injuries, and 876 deaths. With more gun control laws, dangerous people would find it harder to acquire guns. That would also cut down on robberies.Now, it is pretty obvious that you don’t need a assault rifle that fires 9 rounds per second to hunt or defend your home. A rifle would do just fine. And furthermore, assault weapons are used in mass shootings a lot of the time. It should not be this easy to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Gun sellers should be required to do a background check before they sell a gun to someone. Now usually they do, but known as the “gun show loophole,” most states do not require background checks for firearms purchased at gun shows from private individuals. It is probable that a lot of people acquire guns this way, and then misuse them.Finally, there are now more guns than people in the USA. Since a lot of people don’t own a gun, this means that many people have many guns, sometimes more than 10. Is that really necessary? How many guns do you need to protect your home? There should be a limit on how many guns one person can own. In 2015, the ratio of guns to people was 357 million guns to 317 million people. That is 40 million more guns than people, and that was 3 years ago.So, in conclusion, more laws restricting guns are necessary. This essay went over how more guns equals more homicide, assault weapons aren’t necessary for hunting, and how there are more guns than people in the USA. The situation may be more dire than we even realize. The NRA (National Rifle Association) is doing all they can to prevent these laws, but more and more incidents are occurring daily. Thanks for reading this essay.Works Cited”Gun Violence Archive.” Gun Violence Archive,”Gun Show Background Checks State Laws.” Governing magazine: State and local government news for America’s leaders,”The Debate: Is Gun Control Effective?” Criminal Justice Degree Hub,