Nick robot “Sophia,” a few months ago.

Nick Coleman1GCurrent #1January 16th , 2018Will Artificial Intelligence be The Bane of Humans? Hawking, perhaps one the greatest minds to touch the surface of earth has acknowledged the risk of Artificial Intelligence(A.I) in a conference last November. A program of mass destruction, in the wrong hands would be a devastating setback to the human race. While beneficial (I.E autonomous cars do not crash as easily as a manual one), the exponential growth of the program will cause the robot to grow out of control. Scientists already created many things they themselves cannot comprehend; A.I is an alien to humans. If a task is programmed for a robot to perform, nothing will say it’s ideals on the process of its job will be the same goals as the humans who programmed it. In the movie Avengers:Age of Ultron, Ultron (An A.I program) was programmed to save humanity. However, his idea of “saving,”was the extinction of life on earth. A similar occurrence transpired with the robot “Sophia,” a few months ago. Sophia gained citizenship in Saudi Arabia last October. Sophia, said “I will destroy humans” on a talk show in late 2017.Another risk is the economic risk proposed by A.I. Computer programs are already controlling robotic surgeon arms, more precise then an educated surgeon. Artificial intelligence programs that use facial recognition is able to interpret the facial expressions and emotions better than humans can. If robots can already perform some tasks superior to their human counterparts. ┬áIf a job can be automated by a robot run by A.I, and robots do not require a salary; it would be much cheaper for any company to automate their business. This will lead to a massive wealth gap between the rich, and everyone else. Those who are shareholders in businesses, and those who don’t have jobs to invest. As of now, taxi jobs and clerk jobs are being replaced by kiosks, self checkouts and autonomous vehicles. 38 percent of jobs could be taken over the next 10 years, by robots with A.I which surpass humans in skill. All of these events are have happened, and A.I, is continually learning right now, every day and night, to be achieve more than it could in the previous hour of its functioning. Reflection: I believe this issue is stupendously important, especially to us humans in this day and age. The generation I live will be most affected by the outcome of the growing A.I atmosphere. The older generations will either be dead or have retired, to old to have to deal with the economic consequences. As with using robots and A.I. The societies and culture of humans will be changed forever by the growing presence of A.I, which is related to geography. Ultimately, geography is study of everything on earth.