Name of its business is conducted outside

Name Of Assignment: Marketing Research Agency

Title of Assignment: Kantar-2nd Market
Research Company in World

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Name of student: Isha Joglekar

Name of Professor: Navjyot Khara



Kantar is one of the leading marketing research
agencies. Its business is spread over 100 countries and it provides employment
to around 30,000 people in the world. Though Kantar’s major share of business
comes from its dealings with over 500 fortune companies, but its not restricted
to that (Kantar, 2018). Kantar has business with all types of organisation be
it Government organisations, Non-Profit Government organisations or small scale
companies. Its home country is United Kingdom but majority of its business is
conducted outside UK. As per 2017 AMA Gold Global Top 25 Report, Kantar earned
$3.85 billion last year. As per this report, Kantar ranks second globally. As
compared to previous year, Kantar showed a growth rate of 3.7% in its revenues (Marketing
Charts, 2017) .


Services Offered by the company

Kantar specifically has 9 operating brands. Each
brand is set up for providing specialised services to a particular sector,
field or business.

Kantar Consulting: It serves a wide range of
industries ranging from automotive, FMCG, retail, technology to health &
wellness & financial services. (

Kantar Public: In the year 2016, Kantar launched
Kantar Public especially to cater to Government & Non-Government
Institutions, public & global institutions to increase its share of business
and to strengthen its position in political & social field.

Kantar Media: As the name suggests, Kantar media
provides customised services to media companies in selecting a particular
market, planning a market strategy and in improving its revenues.

Kantar TNS: Kantar TNS specifically has the
expertise of dealing with human behaviour and thus in knowing the consumers.
Soo it provides accurate solutions o companies to improve their business &
thus help them in achieving growth. (

Kantar Millword Brown: The main motto or tag line of
Knatar Millword Brown is to help a company in improving its brand value and to
increase its Return on Income. This company has an upper hand over its
competitors because it has 40 years of brand equity, 20  years of digital advertising experience &
it has offices in more than 55 countries. (

Kantar Health: As its evident from the name of the
brand, Kantar health basically caters to pharmaceutical companies and
industries relating to medical & diagnostic fields. It conducts an in depth
scientific research to help company understand the issues and give solutions to
improve its market value. (

Kantar IMRB: Kantar IMRB has noticeable achievement
since it has received ‘Agency of the year Award’ 8 times. This company caters
to more than 67 countries. It believes in offering customised solutions to its
clients so that the client can improve its brand value accordingly. (

Lightspeed: This brand specialises in digital data
collection. Research solutions that the company provides can cme in various
forms like integrated technology solutions, survey, ad tracker and many more to
suit client specific requirement.(

Kantar World Panel: It has over 60 years of
experience and it basically concentrates on shoppers mentality. It conducts
research in order to help the companies improves its sales and market revenues.